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Car Mechanic Simulator is a game based on the things you want. It is a passion for racing and fixing the things you want to fix. It’s interesting. A virtual world created by yourself, and this game will bring you fascinating and interesting details. A world that gives you many new experiences. You like immersed in the game world created by you. It is really, really great. Let’s explore the interesting things that this game brings!


To give players new feelings and excitement, we have designed magnificent and sophisticated 3D structures. From the smallest details, you will see the reality that the game gives you. Besides, there are cars with classic trends mixed with speed racing. That gives you the truest feeling you never expected. The car repair tools to the detailed structure of the car are set up in a modern way. Moreover, the fresh colors and 3D sketch lines will give you an indescribable feeling. You will be like being truly a professional racer.


On the race track, you will not avoid objects in the car that will rust or damage. Therefore, we have created for you a virtual world to help you solve these problems. You will be the one to fix the cars you have, make them a professional racing car, and make your racing journey more interesting and attractive.

Besides, you can also paint the colors you like yourself which are suitable for vehicles. It will become a racing car with the most special and innovative color gamut. What’s more, you can also expand your repair services, making it easier for you to earn more virtual money and raise your level to the next level. That is really great, you are passionate about racing, professional car repair in real life, you want to have extremely thrilling and thrilling moments. Let Car Mechanic Simulator do it for you. A game application based on the needs of the player to create a lively and exciting game world. You are really passionate about real-life car builds, so let this game do it for you. We will regularly update the newest and most improved parts and create parts with many unique styles and details. Also, we will help the car level up in a real eye-catching and modern.


It was amazing above all expectations. You do not need to worry about not having enough money to buy the cars you want to buy because this game will make money with you, repairing car repair services yourself. It creates new and innovative objects. Don’t worry that there won’t be enough spare parts for your repairs, don’t worry about this because this game app will provide all the accessories you need. That will help us design the kind of racing car you want to build.

Challenging and challenging missions helps you see the curiosity and attraction when experiencing this type of game. Those quests will increase with level from easier to more difficult quests. Because of that attraction, it will keep you busy, meet more difficulties and challenges to complete the set tasks.


Yes, classical does not mean old or bad, but it has a significant practical value. You love the unique classic cars in the new modules, from the Barn Find to the Junkyard module. Amazingly, this game app has more than 40 vehicles. These vehicles all bring their own trendy features.

From classic cars to trendy ones, all are created by yourself to create beautiful and sophisticated vehicles—time to get really busy as you immerse yourself in this game world. Twist your shirt up to experience the challenges that the game brings. After completing it, you will receive a large amount of money to expand car repair services in the garage and buy the cars you love. What is more to expect, we won’t disappoint you when using this type of game.

Let’s experience this game together. A virtual world is authentic, and you will find yourself truly enjoying it, realize your passion for racing as well as car repair and customizing. Let’s tell your friends and relatives around you to experience thrilling and exciting moments in the game. Car Mechanic Simulator will always try to bring players great and interesting moments. Besides, we will always update new features and functions to help players have new, more interesting experiences.

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