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There is a series of games in the genre of racing action for a long time, so famous on Xbox – Forza Street. But now the game is available on the mobile platform to meet the needs of players around the world. The game is an upgraded version of Miami Street. Unlike previous versions, the game will take players to the races on Miami Street. You will have to participate in perilous races, with all the skills you have, get to the top of the track. What are you waiting for without downloading Forza Street to immerse yourself in the fierce and tough races? !! Promises that the game will be a significant rival of other competitors in the same category as Real Racing or Asphalt.

Forza Street is an endless story. With content being changed through each weekly update, the stories will be changed regularly to avoid boredom for players. This will be a new thing that has not appeared in other games before. Each story will be accompanied by each different event in the game.

With simple but not boring gameplay, players will feel the fire of the game right from the start of the flag. Players can control their vehicle by tilting the phone left or right to turn left or right. All that’s left is to aim really correctly to get the tire drift to fill up Nitro. Press the Nitro boost button to be able to maximize the boots and surpass all other players. The duration of a race is only 1 minute; however, during that short period of time, players will immerse themselves in the thrill that the game brings. Players not only participate in events with many riders but can also invite their friends to participate in a 1vs1 match or invite people who beat themselves to revenge.

Above all, the game also has extremely cool features to be able to compete with other games in the same category.

Car Collection
With a vast vehicle system and countless racing cars from many different brands. More than just the cars from the street and the cars from the showroom dazzling. Everything is in Forza Street without missing a thing. Players can also easily upgrade their cars to have better strength and quality to win the top position. In addition, there is a unique ability that is “appearance customization,” who can freely change the accessories and new coat for his car. “Forza Street” Maximize the power of the engine to conquer new races with different events.

Diverse Maps
In the game, players will experience many different tracks around the world. Street races and even major racetracks around the world will be in the game. Please join with your car and take the lead in all races and events. The races are full of danger, but the more dangerous the reward you will get is much more. You can choose the streets of the race full of danger or safety of the other drivers across the road full of light and defeat enemies in the race full of blood and fire.

Amazing 3D, like stepping out of a movie. Forza Street is designed with 3D graphics, optimized for mobile devices that can play smoothly. The images in the game are extremely real; the player feels as if he is watching a real movie. The camera position or the layout of the buttons are streamlined and do not create a stiff hand feeling for players. Bring the best experience for mobile games. In addition, in-game effects such as drift or nitro power-ups are made extremely sharp to maximize the experience for the player.

The engine sounds in the game are like a growling beast. They are expected to wake up and join the battlefield immediately. Release your beast!! The sound of tires rubbing on the road surface when drifting at bends is also very true. All of the above constitutes a great racing game like Forza Street, which is unquestionable. The great experience that the game will bring will break all the limits of the racing game so far. What are you waiting for without downloading Forza Street right away?

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