Flip the Knife PvP PRO APK Free Download For Android

Flip the Knife PvP PRO is one of the most innovative games I’ve ever tried. Recommend to children after playing this game then do not try to try with the knife or sharp objects like in the game offline. Bottle Flipping has been harassing online communities for years, and it’s hard for many people to succeed, but if you want to watch Bottle Flipping videos, search the Dude Perfect on YouTube, they would be great. Because of that, BigDreamGames has just released the Flip the Knife PvP Pro game, which captures the passion of the gaming community around the world. Follow me to learn a little about your game offline.

Simple and fun game
Flip the Knife PvP PRO is so simple that people who are not familiar with the game can still get to know and play in a concise time. You just touch the screen and adjust the angle with the throwing force; then the items will fly into the air and rotate in succession. Sometime later it will fall to the ground below and by this time will be decided the win or lose. If your equipment (most of which will be knives) is straight to the field and you do not fall, then you will score points, and if it falls, you have to try the next time. Each type of knife will give you different parameters such as speed and various shapes.

You will have the following four levels: x1: slow, x2: normal, x3: fast, x4: very fast will determine the difficulty of the execution, but if successful will bring a lot of rewards. In addition, there are countless beautifully crafted knives for you to choose from each time you play, if you want to be able to collect them in your cyberpunk repository (more about not only knives, The following levels will be available for items such as rare knives, iron axes, legendary swords and other famous weapons.


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