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Being a pilot is the dream of many boys when it satisfies passionate flying in the sky. Feeling the power of a giant machine, flying in the air and traveling to many fantastic new lands. Therefore, since the birth of the aircraft, many boys have studied and practiced for many years to become pilots officially. Today, it seems to be a lot easier with many simulation games. Obviously, it is not as challenging to drive a real plane, but it is also a good way to pass on the passion to many younger generations. One of the best flight simulators on the iTunes flight is Flight Sim 2018. With many new features such as updating new locations, editing more functional buttons to resemble a real plane and lift Add more graphics.

Flight simulator game with the open world map
In Flight Sim 2018, there are many types of aircraft to choose from. Its variety is not only in the newest and most modern airplane but also in the sky with legendary aircraft. There are special types of aircraft that are almost no longer in the world anymore but in the game is simulated accurately and beautifully. In addition, if you are still not satisfied with the appearance of these majestic aircraft then step and cockpit. Players will be overwhelmed by the sharp design of the cockpit, which has a lot of buttons and levers, the status lights of the aircraft and the data also blink continuously. A good pilot needs to get used to that. And ending a flight around the world is the landing. The game also challenges the player in this step. You will have to land fast, decisively and in time. A nice landing will give you more bonus points than usual.

Intuitive controls
With the lever controller similar to the PS4 handle and XBOX, players will feel like they’re driving a real airplane. The control mechanism is quite tricky for beginners; you need to pull the lever gently to allow the plane to move at will. However, after getting used to it, you will be able to drive your favorite plane anywhere. The first and third view modes are added to allow players to observe everything around and below.

Players can feel the change of time is apparent. Day and night in Flight Sim 18, rotating over time is calculated in the game. The scenery you experience each time will be different; the experience will be more exciting times. The landscape, the clouds, and the weather also change based on phenomena that are real. What better way to see your favorite city from above? Large world map with beautiful 3D graphics platform will make your flight simulation much more attractive.

Ovidiu Pop is also famous for his gameplay. They are the familiar brand of many players if you want to choose a game for high-quality simulation. In addition to plane simulators, they also have a variety of games that simulate cars, trucks, buses, etc. If you are interested in their games, you can search the name on any download engine, or is directly on Google Play for the most information. Some games that you can try now: Euro Truck Evolution Simulator, 2017 Driving School, Euro Truck Driver 2018. Hopefully, these simulation games will help you relax.

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