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Fist of the North Star is one of the most popular anime series with the legendary saying “omae wa mou shindeiru.” Until now, although it is no longer a top-rated anime, it is still a content that many people have noticed. You can suddenly hear that sentence anywhere, many people make it into a meme, through photos or videos. Because of its popularity still holds, many game makers always want to reuse this content in their new games. Kenshiro will continue to have his latest performance in “Fist of the North Star – LEGENDS ReVIVE” recently announced by SEGA this summer.

The story of Kenshiro’s adventure was so familiar to Anime fans many years ago. The world at that time was a scenario created by the author with a nuclear disaster that destroyed much of human civilization. It was because of that disorder that everything was no longer in any legal framework. People live, fight, and follow the arrangements of violence. Powerful gangs have occupied a lot of lands and enforced the evilest things you never imagined.

And those cruel people never thought that I would encounter a power like Kenshiro. He was the representative of the most influential martial arts school of that time called Fist of the North Star. Those who have the heart to invade everything have accidentally killed his wife, and that is the reason to start an adventure of justice. Through a lot of battles, he met bad guys, destroyed them, and discovered many secrets.

FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is modeled on the most popular action game today. Players will control an army to participate in different scale battles. At first, the player will not have too many options for his squad, but more and more attractive after all. Thanks to the game, adding more and more characters, players will have more suitable options for them to fight with. The lineup will consist of 5 characters fighting and turn-based operations. This is also extremely convenient for players to set their own tactics and observe the characters they love to fight.

Control mechanisms are also somewhat more complicated than games of the same genre. Players will guide their heroes to battle through touches on the screen. Diversified attacks will manifest each touch with different syntaxes. Each character has a unique skill system. If you follow the anime series, you will definitely recognize the skills and also quickly identify the advantages and disadvantages of the character. The opposite is also excellent, with the system being carefully crafted with a clear hierarchy, the player soon understands what is happening in the battle. In addition, each of them possesses an ultimate skill that can inflict considerable damage. There are several conditions required to accumulate and activate it. Each match will be limited to about 20 turns; if all is finished, and no party has been wiped out, the result will be decided by the survivors. The one who has more people wins.

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