Fishing Clash Free Download For Android

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Fishing is just a simple pleasure for people who love tranquillity and want to relieve themselves after hard working days. However, this outdoor activity is currently tending to be one of the most popular sports. Ten Square Game has released Fishing Clash, a new version of online fishing to bring a new experience to the user. The diversity of sea creatures combined with the exciting rewards of the game will certainly be a bad choice for you.

Catching the fish game – bass hunting 3D
Just like normal fishing, everyone has to buy their favourite fishing rods, bait and tackle while fishing. Fish can be caught or not depending on the ability of each player. You can control the fishing rod as desired by using the controls on either side of the screen. At the end of a fishing run, the number of catches will correspond to the amount of gold you receive. In addition, players must challenge themselves to participate in adventures to the new land to collect many unique fish species of each sea. The game features fishing locations available for the user to choose from such as beautiful tropical islands, large lakes that span North America or simply a quiet river in the heart of the bustling city

The number of players is quite high, so the Fishing Clash has the scoreboard for players to compete for first place. It’s not just a scoreboard that shows the difference in scores between players but also an exciting match for the fisherman to show off talent on the phone in hand. In addition, players can also make friends with other people. Communicate about the skills to catch rare fish or simply to chat for fun.

Interface and graphics
Most of the fish that are included in the game are designed to be meticulously and resemble it in the best possible way. Games are not just space for people to have the same interest in making friends, but also as a knowledge bank, interesting things about the bottom of the sea. The Mutton Snapper is the enemy of the Angler or the Grouper is an eye-catching, edible, but poisonous species. The bottom of the sea is also extremely detailed and eye-catching. The quiet sound combined with the water vibration when catching the prey helps the player to experience the true like doing a real outdoor fishing trip. In addition, you can also participate in championship events for players.

Sum up
Fishing Clash MOD is a perfect choice for those who love fishing. Where people are allowed to go wherever they like, though not having to leave home, enjoy the beautiful scenery of cold winter in beautiful Russia or hot summer in Madagascar. The game is now available on Google Play and has received a lot of support from users over the years. Join the game to get started on your phone.

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