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The Final Fantasy series produced by SQUARE ENIX is one of the best JRPG series of all time. In all the games, they have achieved great success and have become one of the monumental faces of this series. In this series, one of the most appreciated games is probably FINAL FANTASY IX – the last game on Sony’s PlayStation. Perhaps because this is the ninth and final part, it is receiving interest from many players around the world. Do not make the player disappointed; this game has received very high appreciation from both players and experts. This game has put an end to an old era and opened a new book page for new games to be released. If players need not play this game, now is the best opportunity because it is available on the mobile platform for players to experience.

The story of the game begins with the image of Queen of Alexandria that Garnet has just woken up after asleep to start a new day. But this sleep is not like other things, because she had a nightmare while she was sleeping. When wakes up, Tantalus troupe on the Prima Vista spacecraft from the Kingdom of Lindblum also came to work here. Garnet’s 16th birthday is coming up, so she decided to hire this troupe to perform on her birthday. Tantalus is not a troupe and a group of bandits wanting to use this opportunity to kidnap her. However, she anticipates this and deliberately lets Zidane (the main character) capture her to reach the Kingdom of Lindblum.

Despite being a bandit, Zidane falls in love with Garnet and decides to accompany her on this journey. After many dangers, the four Zidane, Dagger, Steiner, and Garnet have arrived in the kingdom of Lindblum to meet Cid Fabool – ruler of this land. Cid Fabool is also a friend of her late father, her goal this time is to tell Cid Fabool about her actions. After the death of her father, her mother, Brahne, showed signs of confusion and was performing some kind of dangerous activity. So they went together in the process of preventing this plan and making the real bearer behind it all.

Large mission system
The special thing about this game is that it has a large task system for players to perform. Players need to complete all the tasks that the game assigned to achieve the purpose of the game. When players perform tasks, it is also a way for you to explore the plot of the game freely. Players will be going to many different lands, confronting a lot of monsters to complete the game. When a player completes an assigned task, the player will receive money and EXP, even equipment. On your journey, you can stop for a moment to discover the beauty that the game gives players.

Equipment combination
Equipment is indispensable if the player wants to fight monsters because this is something that will help a lot for players. If, in the previous game, the player can only compete with the boss to search for rare weapons, but in this game, there is a difference. Players can combine two items to create something rarer. During the game, players need to gather a lot of the materials and equipment required to make things stronger. At the end of the game, there are things that, if you want to create, the player needs to combine from the very first equipment that the player uses. Therefore, players cannot sell these things if they do not want to struggle to find them again for use.

Familiar gameplay
the game retains the familiar fighting style is turn-based, something players have seen before. When the player encounters a monster or an enemy, the game will switch to battle mode to start the battle. Players and enemies will attack each other in turn to take down the opponent until one of the two teams is destroyed. When it’s the player’s turn, you can control the warriors who use their skills to attack the enemy. It sounds simple, and the battle in the game is easy to overcome. But things are not simple, to win, players need to combine with both tactical factors to be successful.

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