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What about the vast universe? Is there another race with more power than humanity? Can galactic battles happen? Will there be a day when humans can create a spaceship and fight against monsters or enemies in outer space that want to take over the Earth? For how long, people have always imagined outside the vast heavens, about another world they have never been. Imagination always brings people to beautiful ideas, when the heroes or supernatural beings can fly out of space. Superman, the Guardian of the Galaxy, Star Wars, … or any other story, space movie that makes everyone love and wants to see. Along with that, there are also a lot of war games out there, Falcon Squad – Protectors Of The Galaxy, an exciting battleship game of the publisher OneSoft Studio is also one of them.

Protectors Of The Galaxy
Falcon Squad is a straightforward game. When you participate in the game, you have the power to control a spaceship, and your task is to fight through different levels of the universe and destroy the cosmic monster that destroys the space. The first level of space, the little monsters are less attacking, but the higher the layers of space, the denser and offensive they are. After destroying all of them for a long time, you will take your warship straight to the boss’s lair, each level has a different boss, and they have the same characteristics as extremely large and evil. Fierce. It will take a long time for you to destroy it. In the meantime, it will constantly launch offensive items to you like its sister ships or bombs from which it falls.

It is very difficult to pass, but once the boss is destroyed, it will fall off a lot of useful items for you, giving you a shotgun, upgrading the number of bullets, or the power of the boss. Bullets, bullets, etc. In the process of passing through the galaxy and destroying the boss to protect the universe, the monsters that are its subordinates that you kill can also fall out of them. Things help you revive. While fighting, they will fall out of the bomb, so you have to be very flexible to be able to avoid them and destroy as many enemies as possible.

Many challenges are difficult
The game has very simple features. It is fighting and loading bullets. There are a lot of weapons that you can recognise through colour as they fall like laser bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, etc. At every turn, Different types of ammunition, such as the use of ammo, bullets or bullets, until the boss focused on a target should use laser bullets or arrows, … There is a bullet like you must pay attention. Helps increase the number of bullets. At most five times increase the number of balls should you pay attention to it offline.

One thing to keep in mind is that although space monsters can move from top to bottom, flapping wings or from the corner of the screen, your warships can only have one way of moving. It is in all cases of maintenance of the warship head towards the front, so be careful with monsters that do not go straight or cross or cross, because when they shoot to busy you will be very There is no space to move between the lanes.

Graphics and sound
The graphics of the game do not have a lot of highlights, but the highlight is that the game created a new layer when each space is filled with various monsters with different shapes and how they are different bullets. Forcing players to be extremely flexible when only moving in a non-small gain. The sound of explosive, explosive, explosive, explosive explosive sounds promises to bring you hours of excitement and a game that requires a lot of flexibility and focus.

Sum up
Falcon Squad MOD APK is really an interesting game and worth a try. If you want to practice patience, adaptability and concentration, this is a great choice for you. Oh, the astronauts, download the game and fight to defend the universe!

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