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European War 6: 1914 is an entirely new strategy game on the smartphone platform. Developed by EasyTech, this game will surely satisfy you when immersed in history, where World War I took place

As I mentioned before, the context of “European War 6: 1914” mimics the real happenings of World War I, and also has a lot to do with American Civil, so the strategic gameplay of this game will definitely make you feel excited. Yes, strategic gameplay is the strength of this game, because any army that wants to win the battlefield needs to have a specific strategy. Therefore, in this game, you will be the most influential person who will be able to change the balance of world power in this period. This game will take you to the battlefield, where battles for personal purposes are always fierce.

More than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters
World War I was a period when defense technology was quite developed, such as steam engines, railways, ships, war vehicles… and so you will have to fight on many different fronts. Inevitably, you will also need to get used to a variety of different military strategies in order to conserve your forces, as well as win the battlefield and end the match. Of course, at this time, battles were only part of the world war because there were so many indispensable factors involved in the war. First, any nation must build and develop cities, where war facilities, as well as military academies, will be born to serve military strategy. However, sometimes the plan you devise will not work the way you want because of the influence of historical events. Yes, it can be said that events are complex factors that hinder the outcome of your battle.

To limit this, you will need to increase diplomacy with other countries, and when they are your allies, you will definitely have more advantages. And thanks to allied nations, you will be able to declare war on any country that threatens your power. On the other hand, you will also need to help your allies with specific strategies when they encounter difficulties. In my opinion, the strategic gameplay of this game cannot make you feel disappointed.

The campaign system of “European War 6: 1914” will make you excited, because it brings us more than 150 famous battles in 10 chapters. With this campaign system, you will be able to have clear experiences with real historical events in the past, such as the Civil War, Rise of Apennines, Attack of Eagle, Eastern Front, and many more events for you to explore. Not only that, but you will also be able to choose the generals you want and start participating in the battle and improve their fighting ability, and this is also how you master the battlefield.

The next attractive and handy feature that you can have in this game is Cloud archives support. With this feature, what you have created in this game will not disappear even when you change devices, and of course, you will need to remember your account.

The graphics technology in this game is also a highlight in terms of features that you cannot ignore. All the details of the war, the means of the war, and even the portraits of the generals will be clearly shown with high quality during your playtime. Not only that, but you can also know the details about those generals because the game will introduce you very specifically during the game.

For me, “European War 6: 1914” is a strategy game with content and lovely gameplay that you should not ignore. Therefore, download it to your phone now to experience.

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