European War 5: Empire Free Download For Android

Building a real kingdom is a difficult job not everyone can do this. Great leaders from ancient times up to now always have the best tactics to both build the country and confront the enemy. European War 5: Empire is also a simulation game that allows the player to become a monarch. You will have to do everything to make your kingdom strong. To become a talented and wise king, you will have to go through a very long training process. The constant battles with many internal problems occurred in the country on economy, diplomacy, diplomacy, …

History 2000 years under 6 ages
This is almost a game recreating the calendar. using a close way that makes players feel interesting in it. During 2000 years of human history will be encapsulated for a game. Many famous battles in that historical period will be recreated. However, this time the one who presided over the battle as you. Write your own history page yourself. Each stage has a different characteristic that you need to identify. In the classical age, everything was wild, people still believed in the gods, so the rule of a king must be different. Or when you have played gunpowder age, there is no spiritual power but only the power of weapons. At different stages of history, you need to behave in such a way as to create the trust of the people, build a strong economy, maintain the stability of the army, …

The unique designs may look simple but extremely complex
When you join the game and you will find that the designs in the game are made to be simplified. It looks like it is quite small but there are many details in it. For example, when you look at your stronghold, there are lots of small tents. They are designed very street can accommodate many different soldiers depending on the type. In addition, when a friend participates in a battle, you will see that your army is clearly designed. You can easily tell which types of troops are participating in the battle. Thanks to that, if you encounter something unpredictable, you can immediately recognize the problem. Although everything is made simple, the avatar of the characters in the game is beautiful. The characters that appear in the game are like the main characters in an anime. However, they still clearly show their temperament and characteristics.

Many different generals, famous kings appeared in the game
European War 5: Empire bringing players through 5 ages including many famous kings. They are sublime human beings, have superior intelligence, and are heroes of an entire nation. Have you ever heard of the names of Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, George Washington, … They are so famous that you only need to see their image in the game to immediately recognize them already. Each of them has its own characteristics that can help you in building a nation, defeating enemies.

The two main modes that you can play in the game
Actually, it’s not really two modes but two things that she must do at the same time. First, as a king’s job, you have to build your country. Around the land that she was granted at the beginning of the game, there are still many places that can be explored. Where to explore, it must develop economically. Players must build structures such as the executive building, watchtowers and protective walls, etc. Your resources will be collected into places like this. The more the economy develops, the military can be assured.

Once you have a strong stronghold, let yourself enter Battle Mode. With this mode, you will use your army and take part in pre-arranged battles. These battles will be divided into several levels for you to slowly pass. Its fighting style is like that of strategy games. You will lead a champion and then clash with the enemy. Depending on the tactics that you set out earlier, the army will fight. Study the enemy’s army first to make the right steps. If you lose, it is probably because your army is not strong enough. Go back to your stronghold and train your army more.

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