Esports Manager MOBA Free Download For Android

In recent times, Esports is one of the sports that many people appreciate, even though there are many tournaments. There are annual tournaments like The International – TI of Dota 2, or League of Legends World Championship by LOL. These games are the most popular MOBA games of the time and have a vast number of players. In it, many professional teams recruit professional players to compete in many tournaments. So, do players want to know what it feels like to experience running a professional team? If you are curious about this, the game Esports Manager will bring it to players.

Become a manager

Unlike other sports-themed games like PES or FIFA, this game has a much more special game way for players to explore. The player will not directly control the players to compete but will play the game as a coach or manager. With a new position, players can discover a lot of new things through this game.

The player will be the one with a significant responsibility to develop his team to become more and more popular. Players will be responsible for managing all members of the team and taking them to the championship. After the player has selected five team members, the game officially starts, and the player lives with the five members to practice. Players also need to earn money to be used for team spending and buy more quality members. So try to win and bring the money to the team and buy more good members to win more.

Buying and selling players

The game will provide players with more than 2000 players from famous MOBA games such as LOL or Dota 2 so that players can recruit them. All of them are very well-known members of professional tournaments around the world for players to recruit. Players can use the money they earn after each tournament to recruit them to their team.

Once there are good members, players can go further in major tournaments and make more money. But to get the top players, players need to spend a large amount of money; this amount will take a lot of time to save. But you will see that all the time you have spent will be worthed after you get a good member, they will help you a lot to bring the champion cup to you.


In this game, the player is a manager and a coach, standing behind to support his players. The player will be the one to make crucial decisions leading to the outcome of the match. If the player’s decisions and tactics are correct, then you will get victories, but if it is wrong, then what you get is a loss. For example, in a mid-layer movement situation, the player can decide whether to move to the top lane to support or maintain a position. If the player reads the situation well, they can make good decisions and win. So before the player starts to decide, carefully observe the match’s situation and the enemy’s position to make the most accurate decision.


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