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Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest – The battle between the hero and the monster is a seemingly endless topic. On the side of the game, with this theme players will think immediately of the tough role-playing game that publishers still develop in the traditional style. But you feel too tired because of the role-playing or the gameplay too loud; you want to experience a new and more creative play. Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is the answer you’ve been looking for. This game is a fascinating puzzle game, just like GMO games, but it’s a lot of fun. Players will enjoy the greatest moments of entertainment, whether the fight between monsters and heroes, who will win?

Match 3 Puzzle RPG
Although a traditional puzzle game that you often play, Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest has an entirely new approach. Specifically, in this game, the player needs to build his hero army to fight the evil monsters. Players can summon these heroes through a portal; each hero receives a unique attribute line and ability. These characters will grow in rank, attack stats, defense, … during the game players experience fierce.

At the start of the game, the screen is divided into two main sections, one of which is the monsters, one is the table of stones for the player, and the other is the hero. The core value of the game is shown in the table in the center of the screen, where players must place the same type of stones together to eliminate them while helping the characters perform their moves.

There are many types of stones with different functions, such as kites attacking; kicks help the player to increase defense, ice neutralizing opponents,… The character will use that stone. Later on, monsters will become stronger and more troops. Players need to optimize their tactics, carefully calculating the use of each stone in each turn to be able to win. Each time the player wins, the player is rewarded with items such as meat and silver, two main ingredients to upgrade the character. Moreover, if you complete the excellent game, players also have the opportunity to receive new characters unique ability.

Sum up
Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is a unique combination of puzzle and role-playing MMO. In addition to attractive gameplay, this game also has a beautiful 2D graphics background; characters are designed lively and full of life. Moreover, the game interface is also quite simple, making it easier for players to get to know more quickly. Currently playing free games, download, and experience in your spare time.

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