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Empire Warriors Premium is an upgraded version of Empire Warriors – a very successful game in the market with the Tower Defense genre. Although Tower Defense is not a new genre on the market, it is still attracting a lot of players. If players have tried this game in the free version before, they will see the great features that the game brings to the player. If you feel that the previous version of the game was great, but you want more, come to this game right away. With what is available, the game has added a lot of new things to give players a much better experience.

 The true tower defence games
The game takes place in Ioria, where many different races are living together, such as humans, elves, fairy, orcs, and many other species. All species have their territory, and they have lived together peacefully for a very long time to grow together. One day, the Kingdom of Endia was invaded by the kingdom that was once an ally, which was Grando, who attacked them to start a war. And so the war of the kings occurred, Prince Jave Endia’sled his army to battle to protect its territory and its people. But then the Kingdom of Endia realized that the one who was behind everything, is the Orcs demon lord, he organized the war to invade them all. Facing the danger of destroying the kingdom, the Gods protecting Endia predicted that only one person could save this kingdom; it was you.

Preventing this fight
When players come to the game, there is only one task that is to destroy all the enemies before they reach the finish line to complete the stage. If the player is unable to do so before they reach the finish line of the required number, you will lose. Players will do that by building towers with many different functions to attack and destroy the enemy. The game has four different power turrets that players can choose to participate in this battle. This includes the Barrack tower – to create soldiers, the Archer tower – physical power, Magic tower – magical power, Golem tower – dealing large area damage. Players will see a lot of positions on the screen so players can build towers and fight.

Preventing this fight

The more waves follow, the more players will have to confront more monsters, so players need more strength to fight. So players need to upgrade to improve the power of the towers. Each tower, the player will be upgraded twice, and each time will cost some money to upgrade. The higher the level, the greater the power, so upgrade to fight.

System heroes
When the player to the battle, the player is allowed to choose three more generals to battle together and fight. These heroes can move freely, and the player can control them anywhere to fight. So they are very flexible and can move anywhere on the map to fight. Each hero has a unique skill that they can use in combat. Players need to wait for them to accumulate enough MP to be able to use skills to destroy enemies.

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