Earth WARS: Retake Earth Free Download For Android

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Do you wish to become heroes to save the earth before the invasion of outside forces? And you are looking for a game about immersive genres and has excellent graphics quality and beautiful? Then Earth WARS: Retake Earth is the perfect choice for you. An extremely great role-playing game with fascinating thrilling stories waiting for players to discover will soon be available on Google Play.

The game takes place under the fictional story of alien domination of the Earth in 2035. The chances of people being able to rescue themselves and regain the planet itself are narrowing. And we humans don’t have many options except joining the army of A.N.T.I with the small hope that it can create a spectacular overthrow before this cosmic power.

Join the game when you are immersed in a true hero who carries the fate of the earth on the shoulder. Now, let’s start the extremely tough battle with different monsters. They have terrifying and huge shapes in addition to the destructive power that can blow away all obstacles. Fight with them and win will be the most exciting moments of the game. Control the heroes with all your superhuman skills, as well as use powerful abilities to be able to destroy these monsters.

The exciting thing here is that you can customize your own skills to suit your existing playing style. The skills have surprising effects, and they make the player fascinated and excited by the beautiful effects and the power of those skills. Throughout the game are a lot of missions for you to complete, tasks from a counterattack to defending the enemy attack will require you to achieve them. On the journey to regain your earth, if unfortunately, you do not have time to continue the game process, then the idle mode: “Base defense” will solve it all. It’s convenient as you don’t have to worry about losing, nor can’t continue the game. The extremely diverse monsters you will face will be an exciting part for you to explore. They have clear parameters shown on the screen so you can choose the right tactics and defeat them.

The game has quality graphics to say perfect with role-playing games for the phone. The characters, as well as 3D effects, are extremely beautiful. We only saw the trailer, but we were surprised by the quality of Eath WARS: Retake Earth graphics. You are really involved in a galactic battle when the background behind it cannot be more alive. The monsters are shaped creatively and diversely, and they look good, not rough, and lifeless. The effects of skills are also elaborated very carefully by the designer.

You can pre-register now for “Earth WARS: Retake Earth” so you can experience the game soon until the day the game is officially released to our players. Are you ready to participate in an exciting battle coming up yet? Play the hero and save the planet from any hostile forces.


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