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RPG games that always attract a lot of players do not mean that players will always find it interesting. Because it was on the market so long ago, there will also be players who are no longer interested in these games. So the manufacturers have made an exciting move, which is combining RPG games with something new to attract players to experience. There have been a lot of such games being born, and if players want to have new experiences with the familiar RPG game series, I will give you that:

Allow me to introduce to the player a game called Dungeon Tales that was developed by Homecooked Games. This is a developer that may be a bit unfamiliar to players, probably because they are new developments that have appeared in recent years. But they have also released many highly rated games such as “Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior”, “road.triP”. The game that I am talking about is a combination of the RPG genre and the playing style of the Card Game genre, giving players a very new experience for players to experience.

The gameplay of the game is quite complicated for players to get acquainted with. When starting the game, the player will not receive any help from the publisher to get used to the game’s gameplay. But it is not too complicated for the player to understand, after a few games, the player will understand. Players will play the Card Game style and play the classic turn-based style, which means that players and the monsters will take turns attacking each other until one of the two modes. During your turn, the player will be provided with six cards with many different functions, but usually, two functions are Attack and Defense. Players can choose one of two ways that are offensive and defensive, or if the player wants, it can choose both offensive and defensive.

The player will have a certain amount of MP, and each card will require a different amount of MP for the player to use. So the player will not be able to use all the cards provided. In this game, the tactical element is an important factor, and the player must know how to attack and defend properly to succeed. If the player can master everything in the game, the player will be very easy to win. Each play, the player will be given a certain amount of HP, early game; the number will be 80HP for players to fight. Players will not recover HP if the player can not kill the boss. After reaching a stage, the player will be provided with three new cards with new functions for the player to use.

Number of Cards
In this game, there are more than 130 different cards for players to choose during the fight. But players will not be able to freely master which cards will be selected because they will be randomly provided in turn. Each turn, the player will receive different cards to be able to fight.

Many Stages
In the game, there will be much different Art and divided from low to high, and each Art will be divided into several stages, with difficulty from low to high. Players will delight to explore fighting hard when playing this game.

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