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Racing is always a sport that brings excitement to many people. Because it promotes speed and brings maximum excitement to the player. Except for tournaments that take place on the real racetrack, and live broadcasts, video games also take full advantage of the sport. Driving School Sim is the latest game released using material about cars. Coming to this game, you will be involved in the most attractive car races. Thanks to its top level of simulation, it lets players know what driving a real car is! It also brings the latest designs to the cars that are most interested in today.

Sports cars, SUVs, Sedans, Supercars, Hypercars, and Hatchbacks!
This is still what makes many players feel most excited about racing games. If you play a game without a variety of cars, it would be boring. Driving School Sim will bring you the latest models that have just been launched in 2020. You will be behind the wheel and control these cars at maximum speed. These are experiences that only a few AAA games can do at the moment. The player will be able to control the manual transmission with a clutch and stick shift or keep it simple with the automatic gearbox.

Thanks to the top-notch graphic design, these cars are stimulated to the maximum. Compared to the actual feeling, it is already over 70%. For experienced drivers, they can immediately understand the new car’s behavior through this game. Furthermore, the details are simulated 100% accurately thanks to blueprints purchased from the car manufacturers. Please rest assured because these are only visual designs so they are still legally sold copyrighted images.

Choosing the playing style that suits you
With modern design, you can play in many different styles. Driving School Sim allows players to control their cars with a tilt system. You just hold the phone and tilt it towards the direction you want to speak like you are holding the real steering wheel. Or if this intuitive way makes you feel uncomfortable, you can also use the joystick. They all run smoothly on your phone. It also enables players to improve road rules knowledge through hours of continuous play. Players will encounter different circumstances resulting in different ways of handling. Valuable lessons and experiences will be learned through the game experience.

Lots of places for you to visit and experience
Actually, this is not really a racing game but it is a driving simulation game. Coming to this game, you do not need to race with anyone. Take it easy and enjoy the fun driving hours using practical rules. First, players will choose the vehicle that they will take throughout the journey. In general, when you do not have a lot of money, you will not be able to drive great cars. After you have completed a number of quests, you will store some money and unlock the cars you like.

After choosing the desired car, players are allowed to start their journey through the city. Driving School Sim will give you quests to complete throughout the journey. These assignments will pay you an accommodation amount. Doing as many tasks as possible will store more money. This is the basis for you to upgrade your favorite car and even buy more new cars. Famous cities, mountain roads, the desert, icy and snowy streets, etc … Many places for you to visit and travel. Each place has different road structures. So it will generate a lot of different cases for you to handle. Whatever you do, as long as you don’t cause an accident.

New free ride Online Multiplayer mode
Driving alone is definitely boring because it does not have interaction between many people. In the new version of the game Driving School Sim, players will be invited to add friends in a private room and drive together. Many people will have different types of missions for you to complete and get rewards. Often these rewards will be greater than usual. And the challenge will also be more difficult. In addition, you can also organize car races, competitions between players. This is definitely one of the most irritating features. Are you the most skilled driver? It all depends on these competitions. Please prove yourself.

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