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Drift Max City – a great game for you to practice and become a professional art racer. However, its gameplay is not easy and can make you lose your temper. So are you ready to practice?

Keep on drifting in 2020!
Drift Max City is basically a driving simulation game, especially, you will have extremely exciting experiences while driving a supercar and performing drift tricks. As a new generation video game, this game has a lot of attractive features to bring you the most authentic experience when drifting. Like most other games, this game will give you a lot of different challenges to challenge your ability. Each challenge will take place on a specific track with sections with many turns and complicated curves. And as far as I know, none of the tracks in this game was created to let players pass easily. Therefore, I think it will take you a lot of time to learn how to complete a track with the perfect score and skill. Besides, the supercar that you choose is also one of the most important elements, deciding on your achievement in this game. Unlike racing games, where you have to compete with other rivals for speed, drift is an art.

7 amazing racing tracks
To be able to perform the drift trick perfectly, not only do you need a car or supercar that can drift, but you also need to practice smoothly in controlling the car as you like. In this game, you will need to learn how to coordinate using many different buttons to control the car. To accelerate, you will have to hold down the gas button, brake to slow down when coming to the turn, and left / right buttons to steer the vehicle. And the most important button to drift in this game is the handbrake button. When you need to drift, the handbrake button is the fastest way for you to change the direction of the vehicle. Of course, it won’t be so easy because you’ll need to coordinate handbrake, gas, left / right buttons, and even the brake to control the car while drifting. And this process will require a great concentration. If you do not know how to drift, then surely you will not be able to perform the drift trick as expected, and more importantly, your speed will decrease or crash into obstacles on both sides of the road. In addition, your score will not be as good as expected, so you will need to practice a lot to make your skills perfect.

Perhaps the most special feature of Drift Max City is the 3D graphics that the developer has provided it. With this feature, your driving experience will be as realistic as possible so you feel excited during the game. In addition, this game offers players more than 14 amazing drift cars, and most of them are all supercars. When downloading a racing game, I am sure that you will prefer supercar games, because they are rare cars, and it will make anyone who drives it feel special. And if you can control the car, it is really a great experience.

Of course, Drift Max City still has a lot of interesting features that you can explore. So, if you like this game, download it to your phone right now to experience it.

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