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Since the early days of the gaming industry, racing-related games have always attracted many players. It because the excitement of driving a car at speed is what many people love. The game is the feeling of being able to master the speed, to control the race, of a player who is passionate about speed. Since early games such as “Turbo” on Arcade machines, racing games have created a global craze. Countless players spend hours just to play “Turbo.” Over dozens of years of development, the game’s quality has been greatly improved to bring new experiences. At present, the game that can give players the best experience is the Drift Legends – racing game. If players want to experience the feeling of high-speed racing, this is the perfect game to do it. When coming to the game, the player will experience a lot of remarkable technological advancements for you to experience.

Ultimate graphics
This game has the most modern graphics format that is 3D, a marked improvement compared to the past. In past games, it would be mostly 2D, and the images were built in pixel style only. In this game, things improved a lot, the image of the game from the game’s appearance until the cars are polished a complete way to achieve the best state. The map of the game is a very eye-catching design with high-quality images, vivid to the smallest details of the game. Things like the image of the grass, the car’s smoke are described by the game very honestly for the player to experience. As for the main character is the vehicle, the game has invested a lot to make it becomes very similar to reality. The screws, scratches of the car are looking very detailed for easy players to recognize. With 3D graphics, players will feel like they are sitting in the cockpit of the car to drive.

Physical control mechanism
There are many racing games on the market for players to choose from, but most of them break the laws of physics. So in some games, the player can see a car that can fly in the air, so other ridiculous things. Games like that will give players the excitement of doing things that seem impossible. But things like that are not like a real race, so to make things realistic, the game has kept the physical elements. So in this game, just a small mistake, your car will be destroyed, be careful to become the winner.

Becoming the winner
Because the game has kept the physical laws to apply to the game, everything will become much more difficult. Players need to have good control skills to become a winner. Players need to know what is the best time to drift and overcome the enemy. Just a small mistake, the player will pay the price of the entire race. Players need to minimize the occurrence of an accident, because if so, you have to move back from that position to continue the race. Meanwhile, the player will take a few seconds to reach the maximum speed. But in just a few seconds, the opponent can overcome you, so be careful to avoid collisions.

Supercar collection
This game has a massive collection of supercars with lots of different models for players to select. Currently, the game has more than 40 different models, from popular cars to supercars for you to choose from. But at the beginning of the game, all you have is a normal car enough to race. After going through many races and winning, players will accumulate money to buy better cars to compete with better opponents. The game also has another way for players to unlock the supercars that are participating in Career mode. When a player completes a certain number of stages, you will get new cars as a reward. There are many vehicles that players can only unlock by participating in the game’s Career mode.

Upgrades and vehicle decoration
The game allows players to upgrade their cars so that it can gain greater power. With a good car, the player has a great advantage compared to other cars. There are many things that players can upgrade, such as brakes, engines, and many other things that increase the power of the vehicle. Besides, if the player wants it, it is possible to customize the exterior of the car to make your car unique.

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