Dragon Spear (Mega MOD) Free Download For Android

Featuring beautiful 3D graphics, attractive horizontal screen PK gameplay and lots of great game modes, the Dragon Spear game seem to be quite when suddenly announced to register early 2 weeks before debuting the official to Asian gamer.

Set the scene in a fantasy world where the King of Nightmares is raging and invading the world, Dragon Spear brings players of six different character groups. The Entermate developer is very fond of the female characters when the sexy girls are very refined in appearance and completely outnumber the male character (4/6 characters).

However, in terms of combo skill and superiority on each map, each character appears to fit a particular control. If the Sorcerer is strong in AOE combat and develops his superiority in maps for magical damage, then the Assassin deals more with physical damage. While the gunman is quite balanced both type of damage, the fighters are outstanding to superior HP…
The horizontal screenplay is reminiscent of childhood games such as Contra, Mario… but refined in a modern style that maintains a friendly and easy-to-control interface

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