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Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a thrilling adventure movie title – a breakout hit game by Kaigan Games, owners of hugely successful games like Simulacra and Sara is Missing. This is a game version created based on the sequel to the movie Blink – a highly famous scary legend. In the movie, the tenth doctor trapped the Weeping Drumlins in the basement of Wester Drumlins.

In the game adaptation this time, they seem to be much more beneficial than before. Entering the game, Wepping Drumlins will attack you; in that chaotic and thrilling scene, you always get Strange messages, messages from former UNIT scientist Petronella Osgood, who is trying to help you survive. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins promises to bring you a fascinating mystery experience and is one of the most horror games in the adventure game world.

After being trapped and imprisoned in the basement in the previous episode, Weeping Drumlins returned to release once more. At the same time, this comeback is a very high will to fight; they become stronger … This is considered the best villain in the Doctor Who series, the ability to penetrate public equipment. Technology also means that there are no safety devices; dangers are always close by. You will both fear and be highly interested in the mysteries of the abandoned basement Wester Drumlin. You will discover that what you see will carry secrets within you. Your job is to answer those secrets.

Here’s a really cool return to the origins of Weeping Drumblins with great ideas to keep the genre from getting boring. Highlights of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a game that gives you a very realistic feeling by using real-life footage and game graphics to weave a mysterious story. Actress Ingrid Oliver is back and takes on her role of Osgood in the movie Doctor Who.

Finlay Robertson as Larry Nightingale and Jodie Whittaker as Doctor’s voice actors with new characters such as Nat, Ayesha, and Mr. Flint. The cast with the sophisticated graphics system, millimeter standard, makes the game better than ever. The gameplay revolves around chats and relies on in-game software to defeat all the scary angels.

In the midst of a series of events that happened in that abandoned basement, you accidentally find the Lawrence phone that appeared in the original movie. He went missing, and perhaps that attracted Osgood. Your task now is to find out what happened to him in the past. It cannot be easy if you do everything on your own.
However, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins gives you a mysterious friend to accompany you. You will receive but messages through messages from scientist Petronella Osgood. Suppose, when you find a new clue that could be a photo, a chat, you will send it to the scientist. The two will have fascinating and exciting discussions, thereby creating a close relationship.

By browsing your phone’s gallery, email, web browser, and text messages, you can unlock clues. There are lots of different emails you can read that contain confusing intricacies, so you should have paper and pen ready so that you can easily memo useful things for your adventures. Not only that, sometimes you will receive mysterious calls asking you to take note of what you have heard. The appeal of the game also comes from those calls.

As the number of clues, you find more games will give you new ideas and content, such as audio files, video, or even video calls. This is a game that promises more and more after you reach higher levels, the mystery that the game brings will attract you, holding you back to the last moments.

You have immersed in the movies Doctor Who, or you have a hobby of playing adventure games because of the thrill it gives; this is definitely the number 1 choice for you. Like a classic horror movie, coming to Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, you will gradually experience the feeling of fear and anxiety creeping through the game. You will have an impossible adventure any more wonderful about them. What are you waiting for? Let’s download the game together at Google Play or App Store to enjoy it now!

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