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Disorder is a battle royale game, the genre is hot on the game market today, and you will like what this game gives you. You will spend your time completing the game’s objectives and trying to take down other players on the way. At the same time, there will be a lot of equipment waiting for you, and you will spend a lot of time getting used to some of the new mechanics in the game.

Disorder owns an awe-inspiring world with a stunning environment that any player will love. It gives you a vast world that any player will need to spend a lot of time exploring. In other words, it has the characteristics of a battle royale game environment, and you will find your way to a designated area quickly and overcome a variety of challenges.

At the game beginning, you will have access to the in-game environment via a canoe and dock at the edge of the island to begin the process. Besides the enemies you encounter during the game, you will also face many other enemies similar to AI. Furthermore, when you defeat the targets, you will receive a certain amount of money. Therefore, players will always have the urge to move without having to stand still throughout the game.

Players will control the character from a third-person perspective and spend time getting used to the mechanics that this game offers. The control of the character will be distributed reasonably to the player when performing certain operations. At the same time, players will need to practice improving their reflexes against enemies who can approach the player at close range because of this division.

Disorder owns a way of playing a battle royale game when any player wishes to become a winner. Each player will be placed in a team of five, and there are many such teams in this game. So, you will move with your team to certain areas and try to complete the goal of the game screen, which is to launch rockets, and it is also the motivating factor for players in this game.

Instead of using a narrow range mode, this game has a new way for players to meet to confront each other by moving to the area of the missile and successfully launching it. This launch will take a long time and will likely encounter interference from other players. At the same time, this requires them to constantly move and go to the required area to be the first to activate, and they certainly can’t miss this.

At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with weapons, and each character has an equal number of guns but not precisely the same. For example, the character Anemone uses only two primary weapons, the Sniper and the Assault Rifle. So during the game, you will be able to pick up some respective guns and confront the enemies like the player and AI to earn a certain amount as you can only pick up the gun.

Disorder owns an awe-inspiring but equally challenging way to play when you can only pick up guns in this game. So you will move from place to place, and if you want other elements, you will need a certain amount of money. Each character inside this game has different characteristics, and you will try to exploit their potential for a chance to win the level.

Each character has for themselves a specified number of weapons that are the same but different in type. So, even if you can defeat the enemy, sometimes you cannot pick up their guns. At the same time, each player has their characteristics called talents that you will be upgraded after each time you gain experience. These experiences come from taking down enemies or AI to make the player stronger.

As mentioned above, when you gain a certain amount of experience, you can level up and choose skills to upgrade. Each skill has different effects that you will need to learn before entering the game. At the same time, with many such characters, it is always necessary to find out if you want to find characters that you can match or use to support the team in battle.

The lack of access to the upgrade elements through picking is also noticeable and costs a lot of money. You can only pick up weapons with different levels, and the rest is to earn money to buy upgrade parts, armor, or hats to become stronger in battle. At the same time, anyone needs to become strong if they want to achieve the game’s goal.

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