Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Free Download For Android

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Cartoon Empire of Disney is really one of the most prestigious names for years as their products are always popular. Regardless of the popular animated films that are shown all over the media, Disney also has sales in many different entertainment areas. The game is one of them, with the products that follow the famous characters, it quickly speaks out and is well known. This year Disney has partnered with a fairly famous game publisher – Glu, to produce a product that makes the market excited.

Glu is really a big game publisher when their products all get millions of downloads on Google Play. If you still do not know who they are, you can visit through names like DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES, Deer Hunter, Mission Impossible, … They are both successful and create the reputation and prestige of this publisher. Disney Sorcerer’s Arena – Glu’s latest product in collaboration with Disney will surely become a prominent phenomenon this summer. In short, the genre is an ultimate RPG with Real-Time Strategy. The attraction and competition in the game will make it one of the most intense arenas at the moment. You will be able to see the other faces of the characters that you are so familiar with on television.

Collect, Upgrade, Battle
Players will participate in the exciting and fierce world of the Sorcerer – where all the decisions you make affect your legacy later. So never make the mistake of having prepared yourself to enter into a real war. What you need to know is to become as smart as possible, which means defeating any opponent with any plan. Anything you do will be waived as long as you win. The first thing you need to prepare is to make a list of your favorite characters. There are a few people who love heroes, but there are some who love evil. These legends are fully featured in “Disney Sorcerer’s Arena” and form a diverse character force for players to choose from. Then gather them into a complete formation to fight against other players. Disney and Pixar legends are always ready to serve you against the toughest action-packed PVP arena. “Disney Sorcerer’s Arena” will be the ultimate arena for Legends Collide!

Real-time PvP matches
In fact, Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is a game that fully utilizes an online battle mechanism, not an offline element. This allows the player to rub against many different opponents to get the best experience. Battle will take place in real-time, allowing players to manipulate everything and fight with their opponents. A team will be brought about four characters and face to face. Each character has his own four different skills with different energy levels. These skills are officially inspired by characters from the original. They will have an energy bar to display the skills they can use immediately. Depending on the battle situation, customize the skills that you release to be most effective. Enjoy the Second-to-Second Gameplay, which gives you breathtaking, oppressive feelings, a wrong action can make you lose the game. With a huge amount of legends in both Disney and Pixar, the game will transform hundreds of characters so you can summon and use for your battle. In fact, they will also have a clearly decentralized amount of power, and they will also have mutual interaction support. Above, depending on each situation and tactics, you use different formations to diversify your fighting style as a surprise opponent.

In addition to the singles, you can also join different clubs to have real matches. Club Wars will bring you battles where you can feel the difficulty and understand the value of your teammates. Epic battles will take place on a larger scale, allowing you to show your talent. In this new version, CONQUEST CLUB is a new model that allows coordinating with the different roster of people in the same club, to fight with another Club. Moreover, it also gives you SORCERER STONE CRAFTING, a completely new kind of gear, which is used to upgrade the character’s strength as well as maximize the diversity in combat style.

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