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In modern life, texting is an indispensable thing in the daily activities of people, especially young people. A lot of tools to perform this operation have been released worldwide suitable for many purposes and user classes. By being able to use Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Wechat, and hundreds of thousands of other apps released for free. And in those messaging tools, there is a feature that makes it particularly attractive, the emoji. It is one of the most effective tools for expressing the feelings of people who are texting with their friends.

Ready. Set. Blitz!
Disney Emoji Blitz is a match-3 game that uses emoji icons inspired by Disney celebrities. Players will be able to see their favorite characters adapted in a minimalist and lovely way to love the right name of the living room that Disney is still targeting in its products. Moreover, users should be assured because it was released by a very reputable publisher in producing such cute games, Jam City, Inc. They own a lot of products with a variety of colors and attract viewers in their game store. With such a huge amount of characters, Producer gives players over 2200 emoji characters and items. The effect in the game is also stunning. Each emoji when gaining his combo has different effects. Besides, the task that you use in a game screen is also smooth. Different stages are also designed with varying tables of the grid.

Collect and play with hundreds of Disney, Pixar and Star Wars emoji
In terms of gameplay, you will see that it does not have too many improvements or changes. Everything is arranged to work like games of the same genre. You will be taken to a pre-designed table, and its area will be converted to different screens. It is also a factor that brings challenges and diversity to players. Playing three just need to combine 3 identical icons into a horizontal or vertical line that can make it disappear and score. When you achieve the goal that you set, you will win without being too different.

A special feature of Disney Emoji Blitz makes it different from the same category of products that you can use what you have achieved during the game to include a new message. Imagine that I just won an extremely difficult stage and unlocked an emoji. Surely you will use it to message friends immediately, They are really fun and beautiful. If anyone asks if you get that icon somewhere, make sure you are entitled to proudly answer that you have just unlocked it in the “Disney Emoji Blitz” game. Too cool. Moreover, this will stimulate the curiosity of many people, and they also want to participate in this game to play with you too. The result will be a huge community. The game also offers a leaderboard to honor the best players. You can also become one of those when you are named after achieving proud achievements.

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