Deep Town: Mining Factory Free Download For Android

The earth where we are working and living is extremely large and contains many mysteries that humankind has not yet known. The place we are in is just the crust of the Earth, even the crust that we have not yet discovered all its secrets. Have you ever wondered what is beneath the surface of the Earth, or beyond what is inside the core? There are many people who have the same questions as you, as evidenced by the fact that the Russians tried to drill a hole so deep that it penetrated the Earth’s crust but did not succeed and only stopped at 12262m. So far there is no concrete evidence of what is inside the Earth.

This idea was put into a game called Deep Town: Mining Factory produced by Rock bite Games. This is a very young game maker, this game is their first game and has received a lot of attention from gamers. So you don’t even download Deep Town: Mining Factory right now to explore the earth’s secrets together.

The Earth is now overcrowded, and the natural resources are no longer sufficient. You will be the operator of a high-tech ship sent to an alien planet to be able to dig and search for natural resources. Onboard your ship is filled with robots, aids for digging and finding resources.

DIG DEEP and uncover the hidden story behind
Players will have to control their robots to dig and search for resources to bring back to serve the Earth. Initially, you will be landed on an alien planet and put the equipment to be brought there. You will be equipped with Laser guns to be able to bombard tough surfaces. The planetary crust will be divided into several different classes, initially easy to destroy but later become more difficult. In each class, there will be an index bar informing the status of that class, indicated by numbers.

Exploitation, Manufacturing and Management
When the player makes these stats return to 0, then that class will be destroyed. At the beginning of the game, players only get 2 help that is from Laser Gun and robots only. Later on, with the resources you find, you will use them to create machines with more modern technology. Like using electricity to break through, use powerful explosions to destroy. After reaching a certain level, players will be able to build a base right in the ground to collect digging resources. Players will use the resources found for many purposes such as selling to make money to maintain the equipment as well as upgrade them, use them as raw materials to make machinery … Dig deep to earn real Lots of resources.

The best features of the game are the creative team put in waiting for you to come and explore.

Digging & Building
You will use countless great works from the future to dig deep into the earth. Those technologies will be built and developed with the money you earn by selling the resources you collect. To be able to make machines, you will need a factory to melt the materials to create machinery components. So in addition to making equipment, players can also build their own miniature industrial park. Everything here is run by robots, you just need to put in the material and all will be automatically completed.

Until now, in the 21st century – 2019, scientists still could not find anything behind the earth’s crust. So do you want to discover that? In the process of drilling deep into the heart of a planet, you not only find resources but also can find many other things. For example, evidence of an ancient civilization, fossils of an unknown species that lived millions of years ago, ancient catacombs … There will be a lot of things you discover inside the title. game.

Graphics & Effects
Deep Town: Mining Factory has a 2D graphics format, very vivid and unique. The context of the game takes place on an unexplored planet so everything is so wild, sands and dust are the only exist around here. Effects such as the effect of using machines to digging or explosive effects are done very meticulously. The sound of the game is very lively and true, the wind, the progress of the robots are well integrated into the action. So do you want to know the mysteries of the planets? Download the game immediately.

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