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Netease’s survival game is one of the most-watched series in the world today. They are one of the most diligent game makers in this fiercely competitive industry. Players can follow their dizzying game release progress within a month. At least they released five games in a short time. However, they all meet rigorous criteria for quality and quantity.

A New World of Vibrant and Refreshing visuals!
Dawn of Isles is a brand new game in the survival category, just released by Netease last week. Although a child born late while the market has gradually saturated, it still has its own accents to draw attention to the gaming community worldwide. The first thing that players pay attention to is image design. This depends on two factors: graphics and animation, “Dawn of Isles” meets both with positive comments from many players.

In the beginning, the main character will be taken to an island where there is nothing at all, not even a trace of humanity. This is really a desert island; no one has ever set foot here (and probably doesn’t bother). And you are the first to come, giving it a different color from the mind and mind of man. Full 3D graphics will describe this world in detail so that players can experience it most realistically. If you regularly watch modern Chinese animated films, the way it shows is the same. The character is drawn with a lot of unique features in the face and stylish costumes. Beautiful views with lots of spectacular natural scenes await you to discover.

Match wits against your rivals and foes
Dawn of Isles follows the direction of the development of a fun-tastic world to the gamers MMORPG game. Players will experience the lives of people who live away from modern civilization and struggle to maintain their lives. But after all that trouble, they are still happy and live a meaningful life with their friends. In addition to the usual survival play when humans have to fight with nature to acquire necessities to develop their lives, the “Dawn of Isles” also offers a battle experience.

First, when you first get lost to the island, you will not encounter too many challenges, basically just finding things to eat and where to sleep. After that, when you have settled down a bit, you need to find more advanced things for your life. But there are no shops here, so you have to do everything yourself. This is like a fun and weird DIY experience you’ve ever experienced. You have to go around the island to find the necessary materials and produce what you like. Also, when it is weak, upgrade it. When you have a stable career, quickly explore this place. Indeed, the depths of this island contain hidden secrets guarded by monsters. Players can use the skills they learn, coordinating with the powerful equipment they make themselves to fight. Those intense battles, like the experience of action RPGs. If the challenge is too hard, you have to team up with many other players

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