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For those passionate about speed, the racing game genre cannot be ignored because of the great experiences it can bring. The racing game always gives players a feeling of excitement when they are mastering the speed. So it is not too strange that racing game is always one of the most popular game genres in the world. Over the years of development, the game has also had many new advances and proves the development of the racing game genre is CSR Racing 2. This game is the successor of CSR Racing  a part of the game that was very successful in the past. The game inherits the best and brings new things for players to experience.

Great graphics
Saying that this game is a testament to game technology development is thanks to the game’s graphics become much better in the past. Previously, the game Turbo was probably the most popular racing game, with straightforward 2D graphics combined with Pixel. But that simplicity is no longer relevant; this game has evolved into 3D graphics with sharpness in every game’s detail. Players can quickly feel the greatness of the game’s graphics, which is the advancement of today’s gaming industry.

Everything in the game is done in a very detailed and meticulous way to bring the player’s best experience. The scenes in the game are done very well when everything looks so real. From small details to big details, from branches to tall buildings, all bring the player’s truth. The car is the main character of the game is also extremely well done; the player can see every detail of the engine and the vehicle. This game has established a new definition for graphics in mobile games as it has been compared to many console games. So the experience of the graphics that the game brings is no doubt.

Drag Racing
The gameplay of this game is also very different from the games players have ever experienced, but this is also what makes the game so unique. The game is not a standard form of racing like what players have experienced before. The racing genre that this game target is Drag Racing, which regularly appears in street races. And thanks to that, the gameplay of the game also becomes much more straightforward than other games. The player does not need to control the entire vehicle, but try to speed up the car. It sounds straightforward, but to do that, the player needs to do many things to speed up successfully.

When the race starts, the clock will also move and increase gradually with the vehicle’s speed to let the player know its current speed. As the hand moves to the meter’s green area, press the button with the + symbol on the right to accelerate. The more later, the green area on the hand will get smaller, and the clock will move faster, making it difficult for players to set the right time to press.

Awakening the monster
If you want to win in this game, the technique is not enough; the player needs to have a vehicle strong enough to win. The game has over 200 latest cars, and all of them have been licensed for the image in the game. The game cars are not from unknown car manufacturers but famous brands such as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bugatti, and Lamborghini. This game is the only name in the racing game series that owns the latest cars worldwide. The game has many cars that players definitely cannot find in any other game for players to use. The game has not only the latest cars but also the legendary cars of the world racing village. Typically the models Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Lamborghini Countach LP 5000 Quattrovalvole, 1969 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” or Aston Martin DB5.

Upgrade vehicle
If the player wants to own a powerful car, one thing that players must do is upgrade the vehicle. Each car is divided into many parts, such as nitro, aerodynamics, engine, wheels, and many more for players to upgrade them. When the player upgrades them, the player’s vehicle will change and become more powerful. But to get that chance, the player needs to spend a lot of money to upgrade them.

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