Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter (FPS) Free Download For Android

Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter (FPS) – A genre of a first-person role-playing game, in an action game, online platform. The game is set in a fictional battle in the city of Solensk, on the border of Russia and Europe. Those places are in a very chaotic and dangerous situation due to the War of Viruses. Swarms of dark, crowded Zombies are occupying everywhere. The places that used to be a thriving, bustling city are now sinking in the dark air and full of zombies wandering. All are trying to escape from this black catastrophe, remember to keep the things that belong to you, after the battle together returns to the world of Solensk deep.


In the first-person action shooter game, the game size is quite light with only 61MB, but still ensures stable image quality, quite high smoothness in the game, allowing players to control the character flexibly. Each small house, staircase, railing, bush, piles of wood, or straw is designed in very detailed and vivid detail, making the player feel the most authentic. High-quality sound, powerful gunshots, sharp daggers, scary Zombie growls, character’s footsteps are portrayed vividly and naturally.

You will play as a warrior with weapons on hand: pistols, rifles, daggers, grenades exploding, and the later levels of play will have more diverse weapons. After each battle, the weapon you are using will be upgraded to a certain part—for example, the gun’s damage increases. The higher the damage, the easier it is to shoot and kill Zombies. After each thrilling shooting screen, you will get many things, coins to buy more weapons, get more grenades, use them when needed most. A grenade can kill several Zombies at the same time.

The control buttons are located on the control panel, on the screen when you are fighting. All buttons are arranged extremely reasonably with a moderate size convenient for players to control the character freely. You should adjust the controls’ position so that it is reasonable, you think the most stable for your gaming habits, creating a certain advantage for you when fighting bloodthirsty Zombies. They are very agile, and the damage they do is severe. You have to move before the frenzy of chasing and killing constantly. Take advantage of collecting more coins so that after each battle, upgrade the gun you are using to a higher level; the damage and reload time is faster.


Zombies are always frantically chasing you by scratching on you. They chase you very quickly, surrounding you in every corner, requiring you to move faster and skillfully continuously; After shooting out of ammo or about to run out of ammo, you always have to click to replace the ammo, be ready for the other zombies coming, that’s one of the important things. It would be best if you neglected a little that you will lose your life in front of the Zombie. If you find it necessary, you should draw grenades to finish them off, only use them in an emergency because the number of grenades that explode is limited. Do not forget that you have blood tubes to carry. When you feel about to run out of blood, quickly press to fill the character’s blood, ensuring toughness and health for the character to continue fighting to the end.

The more you level up, the more powerful guns you will open: rifles, short guns, sniper rifles;… After each level, you will get what is worth it, so please constantly play games and practice skills. Of course, the game also has a lot of maps. You will be able to open up many maps with different types of terrain and scenery, making the player always interested in the game. There are different stages in each map, very diverse, waiting for you to conquer, kill to the last zombie running in front of you.

There are many forms of fighting for you; normally, you will immerse yourself into fighting to kill zombies to the last. There are many more forms like you will have to live fever within 2 minutes, kill the zombies that appear. Higher-level Zombies will have guns in hand. The higher the damage rate, the more careful you need to be; And, try to hide in a corner waiting for them to appear and shoot. That is another useful method you do not forget. The flexible movement to avoid the Zombie fired projectile, limiting yourself to unnecessary blood loss, especially before the stupid, slow Zombie.

In addition to non-stop fighting to earn more coins, serve the needs of upgrading weapons, there are other ways for you. As long as the device is connected to the Internet, you can watch the ad diligently and earn a considerable amount of coins. Download this game now to experience, clean up the terrible Zombie to bring peace to the city before.

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