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On the Pc platform, we already know the trendy FPS game, which is called Counter-Strike, many players also know global Offensive or as CS: GO. This game has become a new symbol of the FPS game series on the market today and has a lot of players. There are even tournaments organized for players to participate. But this game is not yet available on mobile platforms for players to experience. But many games simulate this game available on mobile platforms for players to experience.

One of those games is Counter Attack developed by Seven Bulls Games. Perhaps the player does not know this publisher, but this does not mean that their products are not of high quality. Proof of that is that this game, although not the original version, but the game still gives players a lot of great experiences.

The gameplay of this game focuses heavily on the player’s tactics and skills, bringing together these two factors to easily win. But not everyone can have excellent skills right from the first time coming to the game, the more players practice, the more skills they will be. When a player participates in a match, he or she will be able to join one of the two teams, the terrorist and the anti-terrorist squad. Each side must fight hard to achieve their goals. Each team has a common task that is to destroy all the members of the remaining team to be able to win. But also, there is another main task of each team, that is, for terrorists to install bombs to be able to destroy the marked locations on the map. As for the terrorist prevention team, the player will have to remove that bomb before it explodes to prevent destruction. Each team has its mission, regardless of which side the player is trying to complete his task. Each match, players will be able to participate in a match with up to 10 people, will be divided into teams of 5 people.

Besides fighting other players in online matches, players can also fight bots in offline mode. This is a feature that few other games have; players can use this mode to be able to practice and improve their skills.

There will be a ranking among players to know who is the top to be able to try. But if only that, it is impossible to motivate the player, if the player is in the top, they will receive valuable gifts from the game’s creative team.

Counter Attack has a 3D graphics format that is carefully crafted to give players a great experience. Every detail in the game is completed in the best way, even the smallest details. That all because of the desire for players to get the best for entertainment.

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