With the development of the current 4.0 era, technology increasingly becomes more popular in human life. Because of that, the genre of science fiction is becoming more and more popular. From the beautiful techniques together with vivid sound, many people cannot sit still and enjoy. It can be seen that this is based on many famous popular movies that can be referred to as the Star Wars series, The Avengers, Avatar, … and in the game is no exception.

The game will give players an unprecedented experience when playing the role of a fiercely wanted criminal across the galaxy commanding a space battleship to capture. fight with other warships and explore other planets in search of a chance to survive in the after-world world. Developed by UTPlus Interactive Inc., a well-known Android game developer thanks to the previous game product “Shadowblood” with a unique 3D graphic design with classic role-playing gameplay but received A lot of positive reviews from game critics, showing players the potential of this developer game design and also hope that their next products can be the same. Although still in development, “COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLE” has also made players feel satisfied through a short trailer introducing the game and the gameplay has attracted a lot of attention and registration. before. So hurry up and register in advance of the game to experience a post-apocalyptic life in the distant future.

Through the short trailer of COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLE players can guess the gameplay in the genre of tactics associated with building, this is a new combination that the developer wants people to experience. Here the player will become the notorious wanted criminal who runs a spacecraft on his own and from there build and recruit more troops to upgrade his battleship than to be able to fight and survive in cosmic wars. The way to design your battleship will depend on the creativity of the player. There is no need to stick to any rule, so players need to calculate carefully. Besides, you must apply high creativity, and carefulness to balance with both offensive and defensive abilities to give him a chance to survive. As seen in the trailer, all types of warships in the game are extremely large with many components, weapon compartments, armor combined to create a powerful warship. Players can unlock additional components as well as weapons and armor compartments by using gold and materials to assemble or go to capture from enemy warships. After completing their own warship, the player will have to travel across the galaxy and fight with other battleships in space war. During the battle, the two battleships will fire multiple shells at auto mode and the player only has to use the skills equipped for his battleship to deal with massive damage to the enemy. There are more than 60 different missions that need to be widely distributed across regions of the galaxy and all players need to do is explore them all. During the adventure, players can unlock more mercenary rents on their team to increase strength, skills, unlock more weapons compartments. Conversely, if its battleship is defeated, the player may have to wait for repairs.

Graphics in the game follow the 2D Pixel design which is extremely detailed and classic, with a sense of the 90s but has been modified by the developer to suit the current era. Get a better gaming experience, the context of the game is based on a post-apocalyptic world in the direction of modern development, in a distant future where humans have been able to travel the universe to seek a new life. Thereby the player can see the talent of the developer when the way to build this world is extremely delicate and unique, the cosmic scene is incredibly honestly as if looking at a Sparkling starry sky. The most special feature that makes the game gain points from the player is the way to draw extremely beautiful and captivating characters, with the animation design that shook the player from realistic 3D drawings faces and emotions of these characters. In addition to the creativity in the style of designing the parts of the battle with eye-catching effects and colors, this game has attracted all the attention from players.

From the effects emanating from a series of shells and bullets fired at the enemy, it creates a combined attack with unique skills that make the player a satisfying and enjoyable case. The sound of the game is carefully invested when integrating and editing the sound similar to the wall-sci-fi movie I’ve seen such as the sound of a spacecraft engine. The classic laser sound makes people feel like they are experiencing a feeling of adventure in the universe.

In the near future, this will certainly be a game that promises to make a splash on all app stores. So hurry up and get yourself a reservation first so you can experience “COSMIC WARS: THE GALACTIC BATTLE” !!!

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