Cooking Simulator Mobile Free Download For Android

Cooking games are quite easy to play and also bring emotions to a lot of people. Therefore, even though there are a lot of cooking games on the market already, there are still vendors who continue to produce something like this. More and more later, the game becomes more complex to satisfy the needs of most gamers at the present time. Regarding the cooking game shop, if you are bored with the children’s games, you can try Cooking Simulator Mobile. This is really going to be a battle where you have to use all your skills to cook the best food. Everything will not be as simple as you put the ingredients together and then they will create delicious food. The player will have to do each step just like real cooking.

The first feature that makes the game remarkable is the graphics
When entering this game, the first thing that makes you admire is its design. For games in this genre, most will be made in 2D format. When playing the game, it feels like I am for a children’s game. Cooking Simulator Mobile uses 3D graphics, the designs in the simulated kitchen are almost perfect in real life. That means you will have to be a kitchen assistant, step by step in the kitchen under the guidance of the head chef. This is more difficult when you have to play under the mobile version.

The way the game interacts with the player
However, the player is not having too much difficulty moving. Because you just need to touch the screen to control the character to move around the kitchen. However, in this game, there will be another very unique interaction. Normally, when you play games like this with a computer, you will be using the mouse. The mouse pointer displayed on the screen will allow you to make things easier. However, for phones, this will be slightly changed. The mouse pointer in this game will be right in the center of the screen. When you use the joystick to let your character move, the mouse pointer will move. When the pointer hits what you need to move, you will tap once on the screen to perform the action. This mechanism is quite strange but if you get used to it, it is easy to control.

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