Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games Free Download For Android

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Early preparation, hard work, and thoughtful service make the job of being a chef extremely difficult. People have to be extremely patient, love a new job to survive long in the profession. Despite the difficulties, there are still many enthusiasts becoming chefs. Creativity, aesthetics, and deliciousness make one become a culinary art. To help many people satisfy themselves, many game publishers have released cooking simulation games on a regular basis. Cooking Madness – A Chef’s Restaurant Games is a product of ZenLife Games – one of the most prestigious names in the field of cooking games.

Cooking game full of passion, passion, images designed with new effects
With many games at the present time, visual is very important in the first step to reach the player. They publish ads about the game very professionally on many reputable social networking sites. But the image in the game is not as expected. Cooking Madness is not like that, the designs in the game are completely genuine, attractive, creating a friendly feeling.

Our chef is a happy person with a round body and a smile on his face. The face and beard make this lovely chef seem to be French or Italian. The talented chefs from these lands always bring the best food. Moreover, the dishes made from this chef’s hands are also very beautiful. They are truly the best images of the latest and greatest food. The game’s illustrators spent a lot of time studying the cuisine and giving the best visuals to them. Ingredients, vegetables, shrimp, meat, fish, … all seem very fresh, creating a fresh feeling.

Travel around the world to cook the best food
It’s not strange, players will have to start their career in a place not too majestic. You develop yourself as a chef, not a restaurant. Therefore, the player will not be in a permanent restaurant at all. The process will be guided through each level, increasing difficulty as each block. Moreover, the challenge of each level will be very different, not repeated. They have different goals, just like having lots of guests has lots of requests.

Serving customers from the most fastidious to the cutest
You will have to prepare the ingredients before the store opens because if a customer enters without the ingredients, it is not possible to complete the order. These materials must be purchased in the store and upgraded to receive the best quality. At the start, the first guests will come in and order a few things easily. The speed of the game will be pushed very quickly then make you have to react extremely fast if you do not want to lose the game. In addition, the other difficulty comes from the fact that the dishes are so diverse that you must be in the recipe. For a cooking enthusiast, this is a point that makes the game more attractive but not difficult at all.

Upgrade service quality to be a famous chef
Through each different stage, more and more difficult challenges force you to work more. However, it is because of this that makes players have to think about upgrading their systems. For example, you need to upgrade and buy more kitchen tools to make the preparation process more agile, more convenient. You have to buy many new knives for the preparation and processing of different foods. They need specific techniques to keep the freshness of the ingredients. In addition, you have to upgrade the quality of the material. Kobe beef is definitely more expensive than normal beef.

New recipes are unlocked based on the stage you have passed
You will be traveling around the world to serve food and drinks to many different customers. Therefore, each place will require separate dishes. In the US, it would be a big hamburger to serve, while in China, you need to know how to cook rice and serve their traditional dishes. Depending on where you came from and what stages and experiences you have, these new recipes will be unlocked. You need to take some time to memorize these recipes to serve at the fastest speed. In order for customers to wait over time, they will leave. The consequences are extremely heavy. You lose money on that order, your reputation drops, and you’re stuck once again.

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