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Are you a person who loves cooking and have the dream of building a restaurant and serving your best food to everyone? So why not start with this Cooking Craze game? That is a cooking simulation game, and it will bring players to countless different places for them to make many dishes with different culinary cultures.

The Ultimate Restaurant Game
Players must always be prepared to receive orders, based on the level of the kitchen, the order will correspond to it, and no order will exceed the current level of the kitchen. Players will be guided through the basic recipes to prepare a dish, after which the player will start accepting orders to practice. Based on the order, the player needs to prepare the dish based on the recipe with a fast and accurate speed. This game has a straightforward control mechanism, and almost everything can be completed with simple actions like tap and swipe,

Players can only receive a maximum of 4 orders at a time, and each order has a limited time for players to complete. If the player serves the request before the time, the customer will be satisfied, and they will add a bonus to support the player. In contrast, players need to prepare food quickly and accurately, not wasting any seconds. To decrease stressful of the job, players can extend customer waiting times by serving each item in turn instead of serving them all at once. Or the player can decorate the restaurant to make them relax while waiting.

The Kitchen is the most important place of a chef, and it needs to use the best equipment to be able to prepare food for customers. Moreover, the kitchen will be designed in a unique way to help players serve many customers at once. However, players need to upgrade them to be able to make more orders in a short time. Kitchen upgrades will include many different things, such as ovens, plates, ingredients, sauces, etc. The more you upgrade, the higher their value, and it will bring significant revenue for players if they successfully serve all customers.

Each restaurant has one challenge type for players, based on the culinary culture that the restaurant is serving, the kitchen and cooking style will be different. Players will experience various challenges at these restaurants and bring great fortune to upgrade everything that the player owns. Plus, each challenge will require players to serve a certain number of customers, the higher the level, the more the number of customers serving.

After the player finishes some conditions, they can open a new restaurant with a different culinary culture. These restaurants all have a different style, and players can upgrade their interior to increase the profit.

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