Coin Trip Free Download For Android

Coin Trip is a game that combines elements of construction and luck. In this game, players will have the opportunity to earn lots of money and use them to build lots of dream areas. The feeling of possessing a lot of cash and spending them is such great, isn’t it? Here, you will have the opportunity to own money up to billions as well as travel to many different lands.

The game is built with adorable and cute cartoon graphics. The characters in the game are drawn in mischief. Perhaps, the game is loved by this. The scene in “Coin Trip” is always full of cheerful colors, making the player also somewhat relaxed.

Throughout the game, players will perform two mixed tasks, which are making money and building. Each time a project is completed, the player will receive a ticket. And only when all 20 tickets are collected, the current area is completed. After that, the player will be moved to a new city. And to do that, of course, the player must earn a lot of money already. So, how to make money?

Actually, to make money in this game is not difficult, but mostly they rely on chance. Most of the income is earned from a 3×3 slot machine. Similar to other games, players conduct a spin to receive rewards. Depending on the different combinations, players will receive a corresponding amount. Each time the player spins, it consumes one energy, and every 30 minutes, five more energy will be added. However, the amount of max power is quite a lot, so you do not need to worry about interruption or having to wait for a long time. The maximum number of turns you can shoot in a row is up to 50. Does thinking about receiving money make you excited?

When the results of all three rows are the same (Jackpot), the player will receive special rewards, corresponding to the spinning icon. For example, when the result is three gold chests, the player will receive a huge amount of money. In the case of three bombs, the player will be allowed to attack his friend’s house and earn generous rewards. In particular, when spinning the two bomb icon, you will be attacked twice. Some of the other perks include a neighbor’s raid, getting a shield to protect his home, as well as protecting money from being lost, getting more energy to spin.

Play area
After each player earns 20 tickets, they will be moved to a new area, similar to a level. There are many areas built into the game, which represent cities. So you can make trips to New York, or Brazil, or even Arctica. In addition, there are many collections of paintings in these places. However, the pieces have been disturbed and lost. So, your job is to look for puzzles to complete it. Each time a picture is done, the player receives a lot of presents, including lots of cash. Also, depending on the value of the photograph, you will receive less or more money.

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