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Do you ever remember the game Pirate King used to be famous on Facebook and have a large number of players? Coin Master is a game developed based on that idea. Released by publisher Moon Active, this is a publisher that has released many products in the arcade game genre. Although this is a new publisher, with this unique game, you will not feel bored with the experience that the game brings. It will bring you moments of fun entertainment after stressful working hours. This game has its own more than 50 million downloads in the world on Android platform alone and has over 1 million votes, rated on average of 4.6 *, of which up to 90% of positive reviews of players for the game. Only the numbers above, you have seen the attraction of the game for gamers. Weighing less than 60Mb, a tiny number and easily suitable for many models with many different configurations. Coin Master is labeled 12+ on Google Play. This is a game ideal for relaxation and entertainment every day.

Attack and Raid your Friends!
As for the graphics of the game, the game is built by the 2D graphics. The character model is designed in the Chibi pattern, very friendly and eye-catching. In the game, there is the appearance of the thunder god Thor in Norse mythology holding Mjolnir the holy hammer. The game is set in the medieval setting in the middle of the sea, where the islands are close together, and the warships of the ancient Vikings are always ready to fight for food and food disputes for his village to become increasingly costly and grow to become the leader. Become a Coin Master and own everything in your hand.

With simple gameplay but the created skills effects are unique and make players admire. The fact of skills is not really done like other games, but it has Chibi graphics, so these effects are still highly appreciated compared to many of its brothers. Most of the interactions in the game are simple and vividly designed. With simple gameplay, we just need to dial and plunder other villages to build for their own empire, so the layout in the game is not too fussy and arranged by the manufacturer logically and accessible to see you just turn the item and rob the enemy. Simple, right? The sound in the game is added by the manufacturer from the background music to the sound or the rotation; the sound of the implemented skills is made very beautifully. The heroic soundtrack, when expertise is applied, will bring you the excitement of playing the game. There are many soft background music to help you relax; the change from light to hero will bring players unexpected suspense when playing games. Not to mention the sound of the rotation and of the Skills performed, the sound is meticulously made. Simple gameplay, eye-catching smooth graphics, lively sounds will be one of the reasons you should try it.

Coin Master is a game that can be played with a lot of his friends on Facebook and millions of other players around the world. Save energy to spin the lucky spin to find yourself items of power and strength and set out to sea to fight in lands full of magic. Complete the way to become the strongest after winning them all and setting foot on the glory of the most active Pirate of all.

Spin to earn your loot
You can touch the lucky spin to be able to earn items such as money so you can build your village. Or are other tools and tools that can help you fight and plunder other communities to bring in more money to make your town to become the strongest one. Earn cash by winning gold coins and gold bars, or tools like Shield: Help you protect your village from other pirates trying to rob your town. Spinning Thunder Hammer: This is a mighty weapon of the Thor god of thunder in Norse mythology, if you hit the Thunder Hammer, you can control the lightning strikes to beat other people’s homes, and if they do not have Shield, you will rob a sum of money. The Pig Thief: The pig will help you steal money from someone else and bring it to you to spend. There is also spin out energy to energize the next rotation. Use the money to build your village and the rotating items to attack the town of others. In addition to making money with a lucky spin, you can also use rotating elements to lead the army to start a war to loot your friends’ villages on Facebook and take revenge on the enemies that have robbed wrapped you from before. Fight bravely and take revenge on those who dare to invade your town, reclaim your own things and plunder those people. Surprise treasures are waiting for you in the treasury of the enemy. Let’s fight !!!

The lucky spin will only help you get rich, but the Cards in the game will help you open a new land, collect cards and open new villages of the inviting land and attack looting and the battle won. Communities in other areas will be stronger, but nothing can stop the mighty army of Vikings. Conquer all lands and become the head of the holy areas.

Collect all the Cards!
Coin Master is not only a small game, but it also has a community of millions of people to play with. You can play with friends, relatives, and family to have fun together and have each other happy moments together, not only that, but the game can also interact and make friends with friends on all continents around the world. They are opening up a large environment for gamers to interact with each other. You can also exchange cards that you own with other players to advance into new lands together. In addition to interactive tasks in the game, Coin Master also has communities on Facebook to support players and help players can easily exchange and get to know each other better and together build the empire of individually. In addition to the aforementioned, there are bigger rewards awaiting the Facebook community waiting for us to find. Come on gamers, do not hesitate any longer without pressing the download button now to be able to download Coin Master for free now. Join hands to build a strong community and create their own strong village and dominate all lands to become the leader of all. Come on, let’s go, let’s go out to sea.

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