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Casual games often have many simple elements in their gameplay but easily attract many players and bring them the most impressive content. Many games also take advantage of the basic elements to become more creative and introduce people to new things. The match-3 genre is the most potential and can be exploited endlessly, and this article will introduce Cat Force, a fighting game that uses puzzle elements to entertain everyone. The match-3 genre has become popular and is widely used in most games today; they are not saturated but are also warmly welcomed by the players’ community.

Cat Force’s most friendly and funny element is that it will use adorable cats as warriors and even give players many different variations to promote their efficiency on the battlefield. If the player wants to expand the strength and improve the cats’ fighting ability, then the campaign system will be the perfect opportunity. The player’s battle will spread across many different lands, and each place has its characteristics for players to explore. The game will introduce additional activities such as mini-games and events with many attractive rewards and those factors. Furthermore, the game will introduce a fun and friendly PvP mode, where people entertain each other about match-3 puzzle abilities.

The game’s main content always revolves around match-3 puzzles, a familiar style but completely improved in this game. Players will now use all their moves to attack enemies, and each cat’s color represents a corresponding attack type. Thus, the player becomes more creative and flexible in building tactics and many other factors to win. Furthermore, if the player participates in PvP mode, the puzzle mechanism will switch to a turn-based form, where each player reaches the maximum score to end the match. The match-3 puzzle element will always refer to special blocks that can only be made up of many cats in the level, and their effects are varied for the player to handle perfectly.

The role-playing fighting genre uses match-3 puzzles as the main content, often focuses more on tactics than anything else. The enemy’s army will always transform to make it difficult for the player, and the only way to defeat them is to use their special attacks and oppose their elemental elements. Moreover, the game will introduce a range of equipment or support items, with great uses for players to explore and effectively use at each level. The game will also always provide useful tips and tactics for each special cat, helping players destroy the enemy’s squad to achieve the highest score possible.

Cat Force recognizes the endless growth potential of the match-3 puzzle genre that can bring players countless experiences and most impressive entertainment. The game will feature many different game modes, including special activities and exciting events for players to enjoy. Events are an opportunity for players to collect rare rewards or cute and funny heroes with special skills. The players can explore events and match-3 puzzles endlessly, and players can enjoy doing whatever they want for fun.

The combat mechanics in PvP is different from the game’s main campaigns, where turn-based is applied. The game will automatically activate hidden functions when the player successfully matches the cats. While turn-based may not be attractive, each player has a limited time in each turn, and the main task is to reach the required score before the opponent. Everyway to achieve victory is possible, as its core is a match-3 puzzle and requires the player to be highly capable in all situations. PvP battles are generous, and players can even get rare items for upgrading cute and humorous cat heroes.

The heroes in this game still use cute cats but possess many superior characteristics and stats than the other units and show the elements special to attract players. However, when players participate in battles, they can only use a single hero, thereby upgrading and changing equipment to achieve a higher combat force. The game always introduces fascinating and novel elements, a perfect combination between RPG and puzzles for players to explore all the endless potentials in the journey.

Cat Force is developed to entertain players with friends through a novel and entertaining match-3 mechanism and introduce new concepts that players have never experienced before. Moreover, the game continuously organizes online events and activities with generous rewards, giving players many options to explore the game and enjoy RPG and match-3 puzzles’ quintessence.

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