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There are dozens of sports in the world, but the king’s sport is football, but in terms of speed, the king is racing. There are a lot of people who love the sport of racing because it offers adventure, thrill, and so much more. Racing` days of the gaming industry, players probably heard the name “Turbo” was once a viral game. But that is just in the past; today, players are gradually becoming more demanding and prefer something more authentic to experience.

There is a game that can serve the player’s requirements well, which is Car Simulator 2 – a game that will bring an authentic experience to the player. When you come to this game, you will get a very wonderful experience that you will be hard to find in any other game.

The game has a relatively eye-catching and unique visual design when comparing the game to other names on the market. Characters in the game are not designed with a realistic appearance like in many other games, and they are still relatively simple. The character’s movements are also not smooth; they are somewhat fake and bring out the dishonesty. But in return, the cars that are the main characters of the game have a relatively good design and are more refined to bring the best experience to the player. Although the graphics are not the strength of the game, they are also done relatively well for players to experience. The strength of the game is that the gameplay has been refined and perfectly matched for players to experience.

The combination of two games
The gameplay of the game is a combination of two styles of racing and the style of “Grand Theft Auto” to bring a new experience to the player. This game will bring players to the best of both series for players to experience. The gameplay of the game will still focus on the two most important issues that are racing and violence for players to enjoy. This is also what made the name of both series of these games. Now players will experience both in a single game. The player is not only a racer but also a delinquent, when night falls is also the time that the player becomes a racer.

Freedom to explore
Like GTA, in this game, players will have two options that are to explore the game or do the tasks in the game to make money. Players can do whatever they like to experience the game. If the player wants to have money to buy what they like, the player can do the tasks that the game assigns to the player. If players do not want to experience that way, there is another way that is the freedom to do whatever they like in the game. Players can use guns to shoot people, destroy gas stations, or do whatever they want. In this game, you will not be bound by the police too much, but you will be able to do whatever you like freely. Besides, you can also participate in the races to win and earn bonuses.

Mission System
The game also has a giant mission system with a lot of requirements for users to perform and make money. After completing the mission, you will usually receive money for that mission. You can use this money in a lot of things like buying a new car, customizing your vehicle. The tasks in the game are also very diverse; each mission will have a different requirement that players will have to fulfill that requirement to succeed. Things that the game requires players to do, such as transporting drugs to tycoons, killing people, robbing property.

Vehicle System
This game is a game whose main theme is cars, so cars are indispensable in the game. From ordinary cars like SUVs to supercars from famous brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari, all are in the game. Besides, there will be a garage at the player’s house so that players can store the cars they own here and can use them at any time. You can also upgrade your cars to make them more powerful.

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