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My father is a talented architect. From his college years, he has had many interesting research projects and is invited by the companies to participate in major projects. He started researching and designing bridges when he was only 20 years old and remains his passion. I admired him and began to wish to become a bridge builder, to connect all parts of the country. No difficult lessons or dozens of years of experience like his father, Build a Bridge! Helped me build the bridge right now. If you have the same passion as me or want to try new feelings, this game is very suitable.

Build bridges with riddles
Join the Build a Bridge!, you will become an architect, taking on the task of designing bridges, and building your own. The game offers you many different types of materials, gold, wood, metal, asphalt; everything seems to be unlimited. Once you have overcome some of the first challenges, you will be provided with additional cables and steel, which will help you to build more solid bridges. Each stage will have a car; if the car moves on your bridge and get to the finish line, you will win.

36 levels from easy to hard
However, the game has a self-rating function on a 3-star scale. To get 3 stars, you have to build the most reliable bridge and optimize the resources as possible. With Classic Mode and Sandbox Mode for players to choose, if the challenge is in Classic mode, the corresponding challenge in Sandbox mode will be unlocked.

Simple, intuitive 3D graphics
On the bridge mechanism, just touch the screen to draw the connections, after the two banks are connected, the bridge will be built. In the process, you need to design the bridge and select the appropriate material. If you know about physics, they will help you to imagine the balance mechanisms of the bridge, making your bridge stronger and more robust.

Sum up
Build a Bridge! MOD is an exciting puzzle game developed by BoomBit Games. Not only the new gameplay but also very fun, suitable for you to entertain the break time. Also, the game offers more than 30 different challenges for players to experience; you will not want to break out of this game. Will the bridge you build will be solid enough for the cars to pass? Will it cause a catastrophic accident? Get involved and answer questions!

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