Bubble Shooter Free Download For Android

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If you are looking for a new game with simple gameplay with a bit of thinking and a cash bonus, Bubble Shooter is probably a perfect choice for you. This is a free game for Android and iOS users and is developed by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd, a game with entertaining bubble shooting content combined with many new features that promise to bring you great experiences.

Bubble Shooter is suitable for all ages, especially for kids from 5 years old because the gameplay is very simple, but also lots of challenges with more than 45 levels to ensure you experience the ways. Rich play and help you not to get bored after playing for a long time. In addition, after each level is over, the interface shows your score levels posted at the top of the screen so you have goals and animations to try to set better scores when starting a new play. The game also especially attracts players because of the chance to win a prize after multiple wins, it’s “TicketZ” and you can exchange it for cash.
The gameplay is simple but challenging

First, download the game and set your own nickname. Your task is to flexibly use your hands and eyes to put bubbles in the same row on the screen, you can also aim the bubble by dragging your finger laser to move it to the position. As long as you want as long as you have to match the color, make a chain of 3 or more bubbles of the same color, then release your hand to explode and clear the board. To complete the task in the fastest time you have to devise a reasonable strategy. In addition, you will also get acquainted and try out how to solve many fun puzzles to continue through the next levels with more difficulty.

In addition to playing in the classic mode. The game also has a special feature that allows you to connect with friends around the world by online mode through Facebook, here will take place countless matches, you can challenge with cash or other virtual currency on game download application. That ensures a very attractive experience for you, you are not only entertained but also expand your relationships through this exciting feature on Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter is also equipped with an extremely new design, eye-catching colors, and funny sounds that increase the sense of excitement for multiplayer. The game has also been upgraded with loads of new elements. Such as Colorblind Mode – so everyone can play a free fun combo game Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock a fireball or drop 10 bubble bombs at the same time and color blindness and many other features ensure a more varied experience.

Bubble Shooter is a vibrant bubble game that comes with many interesting spheres that train your brain and give you many matching skills and get lots of attractive rewards along the way. The game seems to be one of the ways to help those who want to kill their time, but not in vain. Do not hesitate any longer without immediately downloading this game, let your loved ones enjoy the experience that could not be more wonderful.

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