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Bleach has debuted and been in operation for nearly 20 years but still retains a considerable number of fans. Until now, there are still many products that reuse this content to attract a large number of players. BLEACH Brave Souls can be said to be one of the most successful games in recent times using the Shinigami theme. With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, BLEACH Brave Souls continues to grow, and the publisher still releases new updates for new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

BLEACH Brave Souls is commented by a lot of players to stick to the plot with diverse characters and meticulously designed. When participating in the game, it feels like you are writing a chapter yourself, but decide in the palm of your hands. The story will also be led slowly as the main character, Ichigo encounters his friend and receives the power of the Reaper. Unexpected and exciting changes will continue to take players from one emotion to another.

Build a team using your favorite characters from the Bleach universe!
One advantage of using existing content is that image design has been defined and the game maker simply decides how he or she will invest in the graphics format. BLEACH Brave Souls has been chosen to use fully 3D graphics, using styles for their characters. It is because of the use of characters that have a cute tendency, so even though it is a hack and slash game, players still do not feel there are too many elements of violence. However, the skill effects are still carefully cared for, so you will always feel the fierce battle in which you participate. The scene in the game also really makes the player admire. Say, please lead them through many different terrains. Such as desert, sea, grass, and even fight in hell. In general, every place where you have to fight is a bit related to the plot.

Co-op, PvP and a series of events every day
Its control mechanism is quite understandable when “BLEACH Brave Souls” also obeys what has been familiarized with RPGs. An MFi simulation controller allows the player to navigate with a joystick on the left and about four skills and an AA key on the right. Everything is enough for manipulating and fighting in a vast environment when you face a lot of monsters scattered throughout the map. They will not automatically appear where players will have to walk around to find all the enemies and kill them. This is not so difficult to challenge because every time an evil spirit appears, there will be some things for innocent people.

The player will rely on that information and appear where there is information to prevent souls from continuing to do evil. You are a reaper – a messenger of hell, so your ultimate mission is to capture wandering souls and banish them where the soul must come. For a match, the player can bring up to 3 different characters, but in one turn only one aspect can be used to fight. However, players can comfortably switch them in each case that I think is appropriate.

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