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Up to now, there have been many violent action games selected by gamers. But many developers are loyal to the sport. Including developer owns many blockbusters such as Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer, Bowmasters, Archery King, Strawberry Shortcake BerryRush, Rail Rush, Soccer Stars. Just recently, launched Basketball Stars with many unique features. Let’s find out Basketball Stars with us.

The World Basketball Stars Competition is about to take off. Competitors from all over the world are starting to practice. The country needs talents like you to win glory. Your chance has come, join thousands of people in the world to register and win international Basketball Stars contest.

Multiplayer Basketball
Basketball Stars own tactical gameplay and require players to use a lot of mind and brain. In general, gameplay is quite similar to a real-life basketball tournament. In Basketball Stars, you have to do the Dribble, catch the ball to throw in the basket and get the score. The higher your score, the more coins you will be paid into your account. Take the game seriously to get more accurate results. The fast-paced game requires you to train fast and fast. Game ownership of the game 1 on 1. You need to pay attention to prevent the opponent scored the goal. Going through the gaps to deceive the opponent and score. It’s all about you. Try to get the highest score. The interface is designed quite simply to help players control the character more easily. The game helps users relax and learn more useful information from the sport. In addition to Basketball Stars, you can also check out some other games. Create hours of productive and rewarding experience.

Game mode
Currently, the game has two main modes: Attack – Defender and Shooting Race.

Attack – Defender is a PvP match. When you join, you can choose your character in the offensive position (hold the ball) or defense (without the ball). On how to throw the ball, all the controls are quite simple when the player swipes the screen cleverly so that the ball falls into the basket on the top. Also, if you want to move characters, you need to swipe left or right. Although the main task is to put the ball in the basket but to succeed, you need to be nimble and do the correct technique. Entirely not for the opponent to win the ball.

Unlike Attack – Defender, in the Shooting Race mode, players do not have to worry about their opponents. Individually, both players will perform throws at the same time. Whoever throws the ball into the basket wins.

Basketball Stars possesses exceptionally vivid 3D graphics. The details in the game are meticulously diligent to indeed describe the intense competition. Top sound with a beautiful soundtrack to help players feel good and cheerful in each turn. The cheerleaders cheered incredibly vigorously. Game Basketball Stars is free to download and play, however, this game requires an internet connection. Some items in the app you want to own must be paid in cash.

Results always tries to listen to the feedback from the players and update the latest features to complete the game. Hopefully, Basketball Stars will be popular in the future. Install it, and the millions of people around the world experience the exciting Basketball Stars

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