AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 Free Download For Android

The combination of action game and horror story, between fear and pride in solving long-buried mysteries. All are in the game AWAKENING HORROR 1-5, a product from the publisher Blazes. Set in the game is a particular town with the main character in which you will be incarnating George Turner. Entering this world, you participate in thrilling events to find the secrets and solve them. In unexpected situations with ghost image around you, fear overwhelms. From there, players find ways to survive and escape here. It was a long journey with five chapters. Let’s explore the last chapter!

AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 is an action game based on a horror story. The main character in the game is a tall, handsome guy named George Turner. Entering the game, you will encounter an opening situation to lead the whole action, and your mission is, George is driving on a familiar highway. Suddenly a strange scene hatched, making the sky blackened. In front of him is a dark, smoky, and inhabited city, but there are ghosts with outer shells like human beings. It’s so scary! The horror scene has not stopped there; in front is the ghost city, behind is a gloomy forest. A scene that scares your hero because he encounters it for the first time in his life.

That situation puts players on quests that are set out in the game so that they can first survive and then find a way out of this black world. The journey officially begins! Players begin to creep to find a way out and will encounter mysteries, solve puzzles, even pass tests like students. You begin to learn about the history of the ghost city, find out what evil funds are dominating and surrounding this place, and events in the past.

The world in AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 is enveloped by night with scary sound systems such as horror movies, fading smoke screens, and the sound of players’ footsteps. The details of the interface and sound will give players the ultimate fear. Helping you in each mission gives you a primitive skin map to know the path from which you can move faster and more accurately. You can collect items along the way, thanks to them, to avoid the monster’s line of sight and survive. To upgrade them to higher levels, the game allows you to solve puzzles …

Unlike other action games that take a top-down perspective or a third-person perspective, AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 gives you a first-person experience so you can play your character perfectly. The game interface is straightforward; the visual system is murky, taking the black color as the mainstay, the action control machine of the character is also straightforward. The entire game will have five chapters; each chapter, in turn, will give players its own challenges. If you are a fan of horror game combo, AWAKENING HORROR 1-5 is the best and most affordable choice for you this summer!

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