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FPS games have always been one of the most popular game genres, because of the battles it brings. There are many FPS games for players to select and have fun because this is an already popular genre. Most of the time, the player will be playing the role of a hero to fight the enemy and rescue hostages. But the game Armed Heist is different; it gives players unique experiences that only it can have. The game will bring players to a very different context from what players often see in other games. If you are tired of being a hero to rescue others, this game will be a great choice.

Become a wedding name
In most FPS games, players often become soldiers or heroes to take on difficult missions and save the world. Most of the games go that way, so players don’t seem to have much interest in the game anymore. But if the player comes to this game, it will change, no longer a hero, but a bandit. This game is inspired by the movie “Money Heist,” and the main character in the game and the film does the same thing is robbing a bank. The player will work with his teammates to build a perfect plan, escape the attention of the police, and rob the bank. Thanks to this unique context, the game offers an entirely different experience from today’s popular games for players to enjoy.

High-end graphics
Besides the unique context of the game, there is one more thing that has contributed significantly to the success of the game, which is the visual side. The game is built in a 3D graphics style, so when playing the game, the player will feel the truth of the game. Not only get 3D graphics but when playing games, players can also play in a first-person perspective, so the experience becomes even more incredible. Everything in the game is portrayed to make it come alive. From characters, masks, weapons, and more, it all comes with a high degree of perfection for perfection. Players can immerse themselves in action, gun battles when playing games in first-person, combined with the 3D format, everything is much better. Go with the graphics, which is the sound; it is carefully inserted into each frame to make the player’s emotions sublimate. The sound of footsteps walking on different terrain makes different noises, other guns’ gunshots, and more. These all come together to do great work.

Diverse missions
In the game, there are many missions for players to perform, and they are entirely different from the layout to the requirements. Up to now, there are more than 70 different stages with different quests and maps to experience. Players do not perform them according to the assigned tasks like in many other FPS games that you have the right to choose. The game will provide a Crime Map, which will mark more than 70 different locations, and you need to choose one to loot. These places are very solidly built, so to steal money, a perfect plan is required. But if you don’t want to waste time, use the tank to attack and steal everything in a short time. But this will attract the attention of the police, and they will come to arrest the player.

Character customization
Before starting the game, a character must use, and the game will allow the player to create a character. The game’s character customization ability is very high; the player can become anyone that he wants to experience the game. For example, if you wish, you can not only become thugs and criminals, but you can also become a police officer to rob a bank. In the game, there are many different outfits to use with different styles. One of the essential things a bandit is about is hiding the identity and using a mask. The game has a lot of different masks for players to use.

Already an FPS game, the arsenal is indispensable because this is a tool to steal. So the game has brought a massive arsenal of weapons for players to use for bank robberies. The game has all types of guns from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and the game ready to serve the player.

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