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MOBA PC games now have many options for the gamer, but there are two top games. DotA2 and League of Legends still perform exceptionally well with monthly updates and many tournaments around the world. In the near future, they may still be the leaders of this genre. And LOL is being run by China’s Tencent Games and is at the peak of its success. Therefore, they started to make a version of MOBA on the mobile just right.

The fact is that Tencent’s mobile game is also a game that is at the height of its success in the MOBA mobile category. Arena of Valor has reached over 10 million downloads in just 3 years. This makes their monthly income very much. Recently, they have updated a new version with updated functionality to correct small errors and satisfy the legitimate requirements of players.

The design of the game remains faithful to the classic MOBA gameplay, yet maximizes the functionality to play comfortably on the smartphone. A map with 3 lanes is like any familiar game, so fans of this genre can quickly get used to it. Upper road with strong heroes, high stamina, middle line with the mages, both gunners and supporters in the lower line. Standard maps with monsters and dust make the battle much harder to guess.

Heroes of the game will constantly be produced and updated on the game. The number of total heroes will gradually increase with different playing styles, diverse skills and a close association with teammates, by many tactics. Those heroes can also play with a variety of styles, multiple build items to play in different positions. All can be changed, depending on the creativity of the player only.

Do not stop playing the 5v5 base map that manufacturers have added a lot of different maps so that players can easily switch. Still with the heroes control and the rules of the game, but now the terrain has changed. Or there are many different modes like 3v3, 1v1 attractive and especially “Hook Wars” will challenge your playing level. You will not have to wait too long when teaming up with other players to start a match. The system will quickly arrange you with players of the same level to be more balanced and fun. The speed of the game will be quite fast because it takes 5-10 minutes to finish a match.

Comparing it to the current MOBA trending games, there are some disadvantages to the operating system, but thanks to the efforts of the manufacturers we still get the best. Maps with multiple targets and terrain are a unique feature of MOBA games, so it is also full of sharp lines, clear visual design without errors during the game.

Tencent’s super-product is available in many countries. This proves the attractiveness and popularity of this game already. The game will automatically integrate with the server of each state if there is a separate publisher. Quickly download the game and test it right away.

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