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Area F2 Description

Area F2 is a first-person shooter in a multiplayer format. In it we will be part of a team with whose members we will have to collaborate to accomplish the missions and defeat the rest of the players. The action takes place in scenarios that have been tried to provide some realism.

Area F2  a  mobile devices that resembles the game “Rainbow Six Siege”. Here, the anti-terrorist command must storm the place where a group of terrorists (sometimes with hostages) is hiding. Of course, each of the two teams will consist of opposing players. Area area F2 is easy to master: the movement of the fighter is on the left side of the screen and the function buttons are placed on the right. We will be able to Crouch and bend, lie down on the ground, use spy drones, place bombs and much more. In the menu, you will be able to customize the controls to your liking for more convenience.

Area F2 will be familiar to everyone who has ever-Siege “rainbow six siege”. In the first seconds of the battle, anti-terrorists will be able to inspect the house with the help of drones, while the terrorists must set traps. After this time, the anti-terrorist command will have to break into the building to try to complete their tasks. Zone F2 is a great alternative to “Rainbow Six Siege” on the Android platform, UB Ubisoft. The game also has a lot of unlockable skins and a convenient control system specially designed for touch devices, so this project is definitely worth your attention.

A FPS with more freedom of action
The handling of the game is similar to others of the same style such as Call of Duty: Mobile or PUBG. That is to say, we will find the controls arranged on the screen and with them we will control both the progress of our character and other aspects: choice of weapons, aiming with the telescopic sight, the use of certain items that we collect…

One of the most attractive aspects of this game and that we do not find in FPS is that we will enjoy greater freedom of movement being able to climb walls, climb over walls or destroy structures to make way.

Join other players and complete group missions.
Realistic scenarios with high graphic detail.
Possibility to choose between more than 20 characters with different skills and equipment.
Destroy structures and walls to advance.
Deploy drones and gather information from those sites you cannot reach.

Choose from 20+ elite agents, each based on real-life special forces. Set up a machine gun to lay down suppressing fire, destroy walls with explosive crossbow bolts, or set trip mine at potential entry points. Each agent has their own unique gadget, resulting in a wide range of tactical combinations and interactions.
Think three-dimensionally with realistic and varied environments. In these fully destructible environments, attackers can destroy walls to create their own entry points, while defenders can reinforce doors and windows to prevent attacks.

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