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Indeed in many movies, players have often witnessed the great journeys of the characters in them. When you were a child, everyone wanted to adventure to a new land to explore it. Although knowing that it will be dangerous, it is not enough to stop young people’s footsteps. Then do you want to embark on a great adventure? If you are ready, go to the game Arcade Hunter to experience a monster hunter’s journey. This game is an RPG game, but it gives players many new things that no other game has.

Join the adventure
Once players have chosen this game to play, players are ready to join the game’s adventure. The world of the game is full of monsters that the player is the one who will have to find a way to destroy all the enemies. The player is a monster hunter and finds new continents to clear places. But operating is not easy because the number and their power overwhelm the player entirely.

They can attack the player and find ways to destroy the player; there will be different stages for players to explore in a land. If the player wanted to complete the quest there, the player would need to destroy all monsters and finish all stages. Once the player reaches the final stage, it is the boss room, the strongest and last monster the player needs to defeat. But it is not like the other monsters and will be much more difficult to destroy. If the player does not master the game’s technique, it is natural for you to be defeated.

Hit-n-run style

If the player has ever tried games in the RPG genre, it will turn its traditional gameplay into a direct attack. The player can both move and attack an enemy, and one player does all of this. There is no need to do that in this game, but the game will automatically attack the enemy without the player’s intervention. The character in the game will automatically select a target within range to attack them. But the player cannot attack and move but can only do one of two, either attack or move. So to play the game effectively, players must master the hit-n-run style. When the character has moved, the attack will stop and only continue to attack when the player stops moving. Players have to attack to destroy the enemy while moving continuously to avoid the attack of the enemy. Besides, there are also many objects in the game, and players can use it to hide.

Level up to unlock skills

When the player kills monsters, the player will receive EXP and accumulate the required amount of EXP; you can level up. Every time a player levels up, the player will choose three different skills to support his journey. They have many different skill types for players to choose from and provide many benefits to the player. The player can increase dame, increase HP, attack multiple targets, and more for you to choose.

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