Ancient Battle Free Download For Android

Already a game, most of which we will only feel excited and passionate for the first time. Because when we get used to the repeated actions and images every day, it will create a feeling of boredom. But why with Ancient Battle, the more you play, the more excited you are? We even warn it can be addictive. You are lost in the magical world combined with fairy tales with dream kingdoms. When you are the supreme king, you have the supreme power and responsibility to protect your territory and your people. Your kingdom is a prosperous country with fertile lands. Your mission is to protect it from the watchful eyes of the neighboring kingdoms.

Magic is the magic we often see in fairy tales. And here, in the Ancient Battle, it is an excellent source of power and your power against those who are plotting to destroy the fairyland that you are ruling but don’t overdo it. Save that for essential situations.

While you have only one, your opponents are numerous. Go everywhere to summon your army, and when you defeat an army, the equivalent army will belong to you. Try to fight hard to get yourself as many soldiers as possible. That will make your country even more potent against the threat of the enemy. Every battle is a bet for your life, so do whatever you can to survive. Only when you survive can the situation improve and turn the tables. Don’t worry if the army disintegrates because you can start over

There will be a huge number of players logging into the game worldwide because of its parallel coverage. So the more competitive, the winner is the one with true bravery. To get into the rankings and get high rankings, do your best and use your command and judgment—millions of players, but only one winner. The winner is the king, and the reward for you is countless jewels and powerful soldiers. You can become the king of this prosperous kingdom or not. It would help if you relied on your abilities.

We will regularly update gold Boards on the game website. Do not forget to follow every day and keep informed. We expect you to find your name at the top. Ancient Battle is a reward we give to all of you for your dedication to this life. Hope you will have moments of relaxation with this game.

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