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You will not find a blacksmith who will forge legendary armor or arms for coins; all is done by the players. Crafting will enable you to obtain resources for the construction of a house, where you will create powerful weapons or armor and sell it on the market square, bartering with other players’ heroes for every golden one. Explore a dangerous environment, battling powerful enemies and switching arms mid-battle with the next boss, selecting the best weapon to beat this specific foe.

There are no limits on what you can do; join the guild, start building a shelter for your people in any location you like, and conquer Albion by besieging cities and imposing your own rules and fees. Destroy monsters by leveling up, or engage in a bloody PvP war, risking all of your riches and multiplying them if you win. Return to your homeland and begin planting, growing plants for sale, if you’ve grown tired of endless wars. Crafting machines will assist you in earning money by supplying services to other players, while hired staff will ensure that your land is in order. You will feel absolutely free to do whatever you want in the role-playing game Albion Online.

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