Aion Tempest (APK) Free Download For Android

Luthiel is seen as a mobile version of Aion with a similar visual style that promises to be both exotic and familiar to fans. The Korean game company NCsoft made a great RPG called Aion Tempest with a lot of emphasis on investment, careful care, especially prominent with the image of Aion style attractive. According to the Korean media, the names of the races in Aion Tempest are quite similar to Aion, promising to bring a familiar experience that is not boring for the fans.

Is Aion Tempest really the Aion Mobile version? It is possible for the character to perform the same action and background, this is correct. However, in terms of game mechanics, Luthiel has many differences, the typical game is in the game. You can find out more about this through the trailer that the manufacturer has launched.

Of course, the graphics of the Aion Tempest also have many highlights, not only bring the pure Aion’s characteristic into the game. Though it was led and created by Jee Yongchan, Aion’s former manager, Aion Tempest has proven not to be a remake of Aion. In addition, the strategy plan system gives the Aion Tempest a unique and extremely well-suited for playing on mobile phones. However, to truly understand the product, you have to directly experience and have the right look at Aion Tempest. However, we can not deny this is a title MMORPG graphics are beautiful and detailed today.

Aion Tempest APK Key Features
Start an exciting adventure of your own right on your mobile phone.
Enter the action with your favorite characters in the manga Dragon Ball.
Fight with your friends and fight your enemies in this legendary battle against millions of players from all over the world.
Build your army and make the best strategy to win in real time battle.
Create your own unique guild or join in the powerful forces of other players.
Team the dream team to fight players around the globe.
Intense action battles.

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