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Do you want to be a potato tycoon and build your empire through an Idle game? Perhaps you are thinking, how an Idle style game can help players create a mighty empire. Usually, empire-building games belong to the strategy game genre, and things get even stranger when you can build your empire just by planting potatoes. But the game I’m about to introduce to you will be able to change your mind, which is Adventure Communist completely. Developed by Screenzilla, Adventure Communist is a game with simple gameplay but the most interesting that you can download and experience on your phone. Because of the Idle gameplay, this game will easily be able to satisfy your entertainment needs in your spare time.

As I mentioned, Adventure Communist has Idle-style gameplay, which is one of the most accessible game genres to play and can suit any gamer. Most games in this category do not need the player to do anything much, or it does not require you to think much like strategic games. Everything is straightforward, sometimes you do not need to really understand the content of the game, you can quickly achieve high scores. Despite the smooth gameplay, developers of this genre still have to design content in a subtle way to create accents, while also giving players more attention to the game. And this game did a great job of creating a fantasy setting where you would be a Glorious Leader, and start creating communist world power in a whole new way.

The Communist state’s development may be said to be the most unique, and its economy will be entirely based on the development of the potato. I mean, everything will revolve around the potato, and you’ll have to use all the latest technology to improve the productivity you get from growing a potato. Besides, you can also make your business grow by inviting more comrades to help you. And after a period of time, you just need to sit still idle and make money from the potato harvest. If you want, you can expand your business even bigger. Coming to this game, you will experience a game that accurately depicts the concept of infinity. In addition, the interface of “Adventure Communist” is also quite easy to access. As long as you spend a bit of time in the beginning of the game, you will be able to run your Communist State during that time.

In addition to the simple and accessible gameplay, Adventure Communist also offers players a lot of exciting features that you cannot ignore.

Many special characters with many different abilities
In this game, you can hire many different characters to take on each of the major roles, and they will all help you achieve your common goals, which is to build up a growing Communist State. Some characters specialize in tasks such as collecting potatoes, some of which will help you find remedies to help the potato grow faster, and many other areas need a lot of different characters together. That’s why you need to know how to buy the right human resources to make your industries run in the best and fastest way. In addition, you can also upgrade these characters to make them work faster.

Automation feature works very well in this game
Unlike other Idle games, when you turn off the app, the game will no longer work, this game will still work even if you haven’t touched it for a long time. Yes, you can let this game run on its own, of course, in the most basic form of making money from potato business.

The mission system will be an exciting highlight of this game
Instead of acting without purpose, this game will set the tasks that need you to complete. With these missions, you can upgrade and expand your business faster, because after completing the task, the game will send you a lot of valuable rewards. In this game, you should find a way to develop your Communist State as quickly as possible, because there will also be many empires are doing it just like you. And this competition will never stop, so be prepared to enter the race with only potato business.

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