AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization Free Download For Android

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Adventure Ages: Idle Civilization is a platform game that will bring players back to past civilizations. Your mission in this game is to restore history while rebuilding your glorious career before. You must perform this quest before the unlimited future ceases to exist. With the graphic design of all the characters as well as the features and features that this game brings, it will absolutely support the user in the process of you experience the game. Start your journey back to the historical era through this game.

Characteristics of the game
When participating in the experience and exploring the game Adventure Ages, you will realize all the features in this game will support everyone to play most conveniently during the game. The game will begin to restore the past shattered timeline through the guidance of civilizations. All of the civilizations included in this game are the most influential civilizations in all lengths of history. This will be an opportunity for players to experience and discover the mysteries that have existed for a long time.

The game will take players to explore a journey through civilizations, each with particular cultures and characteristics. When exploring each civilization, the task of each player is to collect resources; the goal is to upgrade the time machine to become more modern and powerful. In each civilization, there will always be conflicts. These conflicts will lead to war, war will destroy that civilization, and at the same time, the population of civilizations will decrease. That is why your essential task is to restore the population through the ancient periods of each civilization.

This is an essential task that each player needs to perform to be able to overcome the network with him. There are different population characteristics in each period, but each period’s general situation is always population shortage due to devastating war. This is a special game so that even if you are offline, you can easily participate in your population-growing work. Proceed to collect various resources to improve your own strengths, such as weapons, knowledge, art, machines, and technology.

All these factors will create a mighty power for the player. If you want to manage your resources easily and conveniently, let’s collect historical heroes from different eras who will help you with resource management in and simple way. Power up your time machine through the resources you collect. Start your journey up the ranks to become the greatest of all time. A player’s reputation score will be established through the game timeline. Let’s start the journey to become the greatest agent ever.

Features of the game
Adventure Ages is a game with all the features to meet all enthusiasts’ entertainment needs of mobile game platforms. This is an entirely free game platform available on almost all devices, so all users can easily install this game and play it immediately. This feature also helps the game get a lot of attention while creating a significant influence on the market today. In this game, you can also buy items with real money. These items will significantly support and effectively support the player experience. If you are not satisfied with any of the features, please proceed to disable the feature in your device settings.

Problems that players need to answer
Adventure Ages is a game with a bit of history, so the game’s elements and content always need a necessary answer to all players, especially newcomers who start to experience the game. If you run into any problems, you have any suggestions, or you want to tell us about your favorite civilizations, we will promptly respond to your needs immediately. Our game development team is always here for you, accompanying you throughout the journey. Each player needs to participate in the conversations contained in the game to be able to learn and receive a lot of information related to this game. That way, all players will be able to approach this game more quickly without having any problems.

Some of the requirements that this game brings

When participating in the game Adventure Ages, all players need an internet connection for the game to be played effectively. There are some forms of advertising; you can easily control the form of advertising through the device’s settings. There will be many pre-installed terms of service in this game. Please be assured of all the terms of service that the game brings because all will bring enormous benefits for players.

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